The Road Home

Case Management

After three years of living with relatives and in a rat-infested apartment, Lisa learned how to build a better life for her children with the help of case managers from The Road Home. Read her story here.

Qiana Holmes-Abanukam helps children reach their educational goals. Read more about what she does here.

Here at The Road Home, we continue to move families from homelessness to emergency shelter to stable housing—and provide support during their transition so they can remain in stable housing. Nearly 90% of our families are still in stable housing after one year.

 The secret to our success is case management. Caseworkers from The Road Home are available to assist families in all of our programs. They work closely with families not only to relieve the immediate crisis of homelessness, but also to provide broad-based services that set goals, overcome barriers, build skills, and access resources and relationships that set the stage for long-term success.

Services cover (among other topics):

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Mental and physical health
  • Relationship building
  • Securing basic needs such as food, clothing, transportation etc.

We recently added an Education Specialist to work with 30 families living in the Housing & Hope apartments. Our Education Specialist works mostly with school-aged children, helping them achieve academic success by serving as a liaison between the families and school, helping families connect with additional resources such as tutors, summer school and enrichment opportunities and working to solve attendance issues. The Education Specialist doesn’t limit her work only to school-aged children though. She also works with very young children in early intervention programs and even helps adults who are seeking to increase their skills or education find the path to reach their goals.