The Road Home

Donor Thank Yous

We are so grateful to the people in our community who make our work possible. We’d like to specifically thank:

Event Sponsors
Organizations Awarding Grants to The Road Home
Special Thanks
Homes for Families Society Members

We’ve tried our best to include everyone but if you feel someone has been left off, or have questions, please contact Peggy Halloran by email at or by phone at 608-294-7998 ext. 311.

Sponsor a Home ($10,000 and above per year for five years)

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Lau and Bea Christensen Charitable Foundation
  • William and Jan DeAtley
  • Norma and Doug Madsen
  • Dan and Patti Raschke (TASC) Family Foundation
  • Jay and Katie Sekelsky
  • Eric and Laura teDuits
  • Michael and Karin Victorson

Sponsor a Family ($5,000-$9,999 per year for five years)

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Diane Kay Ballweg
  • Diane Grove and Joseph Krupp
  • Hovde Foundation
  • Laura and Mike Huggett
  • Rotter Family Foundation
  • Stone House Development, Inc.
  • Dr. Jack Westman

Sponsor a Child ($1,000-$4,999 per year for five years)

  • Anonymous (19)
  • Jodi and Wayne Achterberg
  • Jennifer Alderman
  • Mary and Todd Argall
  • Richard Arneson
  • Virginia Bartelt
  • Sue Broihahn
  • Eliot and Sara Butler
  • Nancy and Shawn Carney
  • Susan Crowson
  • Beth and Gary Cutler
  • Kevin and Christine Dahlhauser
  • Marjorie Di Maggio and Fred Lee
  • Tim and Christine Erickson
  • Barbara and Bill Feeney
  • Nancy Feingold
  • Jon and Tracy Frank
  • Marianna Mayer Fuchs
  • Mary Gallagher
  • Cindy Gleason
  • Karen and Thomas Golden
  • Patrick and Trish Grant
  • Bridget and David Grauwels
  • Kimberly and Timothy Herlitzka
  • Stephen and Susan Hird
  • Gail Jacob and Henry Steinberger
  • Steve and Bobbie Jellinek
  • Drs. Jeff and Delinda Johnson
  • Sari Judge
  • Scott and Tess Klug
  • Michael and Karen Knetter
  • Charlie and Deb Knudsen
  • Jeffery and Char Kuchenbecker
  • Ann Lacy
  • Mark and Susan Landgraf
  • Ted and Amy Lingard
  • Ellen Lindgren
  • Jay and Janet Loewi
  • Mary and Rich Lynch
  • Cheri and Karl Madsen
  • Petra Ressler and Sven Midelfort
  • Rodney and Patsy Miller
  • Mike and Nikki Moore
  • Jane Ellen and Steven Morgan
  • Linda and Kevin Mullane
  • Helene Nelson and James Arts
  • Sona Olson
  • Kevin and Keely Oppermann
  • Nancy Pandhi
  • Trina Ploor
  • Alisa and Ted Robertson
  • Laura and Steven Rose
  • Bruce Rosen and Diane Seder
  • Leonard Ross
  • Catherine and Ron Rotter
  • Nancy Rottier and Gary Goyke
  • Brian Rucinski and Christiane Keller Rucinski
  • Kristin Rucinski
  • Thomas and Janice Rucinski
  • Linda and Todd Schaack
  • Nan Schaefer
  • Carrie and John Scherpelz
  • John and Linda Schilling
  • Mike and Mary Schlageter
  • Monica Schraml
  • Jill and Jerry Sielaff
  • Greg and Kay Simmons
  • Pat and Tim Size
  • Wendy Moore Skinner and Jim Skinner
  • Dr. James Stein
  • Chan Stroman and John Roll
  • Doug and Beckie Strub
  • Barbara Tesch and Mike Szulczewski
  • Barbara Jill Thomas
  • Tom and Kit Thomsen
  • Dan and Jessica Wang
  • Waterstone Mortgage
  • Ann Wenzel
  • Sally and David Wolff