Second Chance apartment project Leasing

The Second Chance Leasing program creates affordable transitional housing through our partnership with the YWCA- Madison. This program is funded through a grant from HUD. Participating families are selected for the IHN Shelter program, YWCA-Madison and the Salvation Army shelters and receives intensive case-management services for one year. This program is a one year version of our highly successful Second Chance Apartment Project. 

Second Chance Leasing Story

"Marie” and her two daughters, thirteen-year-old “Matty” and ten-year-old “Donna” came to Madison in September of 2009 from Milwaukee. She wanted to turn over a new leaf and get a fresh start for her family. They’d struggled with homelessness for a few years and she wanted somewhere stable for her children. Her friends and family were drinking and using drugs all the time and she needed to get away from that environment to better her life and set an example for her kids.

They started out at Salvation Army’s Warming House until they were able to get placed in a hotel. During the day Marie spent her time at The Road Home working with a case manager to help find housing and employment. She also spent a lot of time walking from place to place trying to find a job. While in shelter she got the devastating news that her youngest daughter Donna had Crohn’s Disease. Marie remembers how hard it was to travel with all of her belongings every day when she had to leave the shelter. She says that it was extremely hard to leave her kids at the Respite Center when they didn’t get into Warming House. She would drop them off and go back to the single women’s shelter just so they all had somewhere to sleep that night. She remembers crying the very first time but she knew that she had to do it because it was best for her kids.

December 1, 2009 Marie, Matty and Donna moved into their new home with the assistance of the Second Chance Leasing Program. Her children were able to bring their grades up in school because they now have stability. She’s been able to keep all of Donna’s appointments and get her health under better control. She is looking forward to recertify her Certified Nursing Assistant license and Donna is looking forward to summer camp. She likes living in Madison and really appreciates all the care and concern that The Road Home and her case manager have given her.