Second Chance Apartment Project

The Second Chance Apartment Project creates affordable transitional housing through partnership with the YWCA - Madison and sponsoring organizations. A sponsor, most often a church or synagogue, assists a homeless family to reach stability by renting an apartment for them and providing mentors trained by The Road Home. Participating families are selected from The Road Home and YWCA shelters and receive intensive services from the agencies for two years.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Kristin Rucinski at or Peggy Halloran at

A Second Chance Apartment Story

 "Sarina and her two-year old daughter Mika" were scared when they weren't sure where they would soon be living.

When they were accepted into the Second Chance Apartment Project. Sarina stated “It was our good fortune to be accepted into the Second Chance Apartment Project. I know there is a lot of hard work ahead to set and accomplish my goals, but we will have solid support now.” Sarina’s mentors, Dave & Julie Riddler, helped her navigate through daily issues, along with helping with her college course homework and watching little Mika -when they could- so Sarina could go to school.  Sarina’s case manager, Dana, was very easy to talk to and often they would have some heartfelt conversations. Participating in the program made it possible for Sarina to pay off several creditors and to have a stable housing history so she could eventually have a lease of her own. For the first time in her life, she now had the tools and knowledge to manage her own money. It was much harder than she thought it would be!

Participating in the Second Chance Apartment Project, gave Sarina the opportunity to seek personal counseling to understand and address some childhood issues. She realizes this will be a life-long process. Sarina says, “It pleases me that my daughter will have a better life because of all this hard work now.” Raising little Mika and watching her grow will always be Sarina’s first priority.

Sarina plans to continue her studies at Madison Area Community College this fall and wants to work with juveniles in the criminal justice system. They will be graduating this fall from the Second Chance Apartment Project. Sarina wants to thank everyone involved in the Second Chance Program. It has given both Sarina and Mika a good start to the next phase of their life.