The Road Home

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Strength to Make it Through: Kara’s Story

When Kara found herself facing homelessness alone, she felt overwhelmed. Her case manager helped her find housing – and strength she didn’t know she had. …

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Taking Steps Toward Success: Nikki’s Story

Nikki and her son were facing eviction and homelessness when she enrolled in the Rapid Rehousing Program. It was their first step toward success. Before…

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Celebrating Success: Tim and TJ’s Story

For families that are homeless like Tim and TJ, life can be filled with setbacks. Yet, with a little help they can achieve what feels…

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Emergency Shelter Saves the Day: Dianna’s Story

After working at a stable job for 15 years, a turn of events left Dianna and her two grandsons with nowhere to go—except emergency shelter….

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Case Management Services Helps Family Reach Their Goals: Lisa’s Story

Lisa and her children, Cari (4) and Jerrel (1), became homeless when Lisa turned twenty-one. At this point, she was no longer eligible for foster…

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Rapid Rehousing Gets Family Back on Their Feet: Ella and Bill’s Story

Ella, her husband Bill, and their three children, Laura (19), Chris (9) and Nate (6) were homeless and living with family members. They had lost…

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Finding Stability with Permanent Supportive Housing: Whitney’s Story

Whitney moved to Madison with her two daughters and in her third trimester of pregnancy. She wanted to be closer to family she had in…

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