The Road Home

Meet The Team: Micheal Edwards, Housing Advocate

“I think it’s super important for every family to have stable housing, because I think that’s the base to being a good citizen. To have somewhere to lay your head and be proud of where you are laying your head,” says Micheal Edwards, Housing Advocate. Through an innovative partnership with Stone House Development, Micheal provides on-site support to families who’ve moved from homelessness to housing. In his work to empower families, he leads with openness and positivity. Watch his Meet The Team interview below.


At The Road Home, we seek long-term solutions to homelessness by helping families find and maintain stable, affordable housing. Not only do we help families locate existing housing in the community, we also partner with others to create new, affordable housing. We then offer a range of supportive services to help them be successful in maintaining this housing. Each year we help over 250 families, including more than 500 children, transition into housing. Around 95% of our families who could reach one year in stable housing did so. We believe that when when we work together as a community, we can help families maintain stability during these difficult times.