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Buddy Congregations & Businesses

Buddy congregations or businesses support the host congregation by filling some of the volunteer duties such as serving dinner and playing with children.

Would your congregation, business or other group like to join with us to help families with children in our Congregation standing togethercommunity? If so, we would love your help! Families in our shelter stay at community host congregations. Each congregation covering one week every quarter for a total of four weeks per year. For more information, read How Our Shelter Works. Buddy congregations and businesses are matched with host congregations to provide support during this week. The buddy congregation or business then covers the needed volunteer duties for one (or more than one) evening and morning during their week.

You can read about the volunteer duties your congregation or business would need to cover at our shelter here.  To learn more about being a buddy congregation or business, download our packet or contact Alane Conn by email at or by phone at 608-294-7998 ext 306 for more information.

Buddy Congregation and Business Information

You can also see a list of our current buddy congregations and businesses.