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The dedicated staff of Housing Advocates, Program Managers, Administrative and Development staff and Directors all play a crucial role in supporting the organization and the families with children we serve. View current job openings here and meet the team below!

The Road Home Team

Allie, Program Manager | 

Allie provides program coordination for multiple housing programs within The Road Home. Allie graduated from California State University, Chico in 2015 with a BA in English Studies and Asian Studies. She spent two years working with youth in a domestic violence shelter and the next five years working as a Rapid Rehousing case manager in Madison and began working at The Road Home in 2020. 

During Allie’s time working in homeless services, she has seen that transitional-age youth ages 18-24 are especially vulnerable and unsupported. She is excited to support Dane County’s Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project (YHDP) and the leadership of the Youth Action Board (YAB) as our community works to increase youth-specific services and support.

Allison, Lead Housing Advocate – Voucher Team | 

As a Housing Advocate for the Voucher Program, Allison works with families receiving Section 8 Vouchers and supporting them in maintaining stable housing and reaching their goals. Allison came to The Road Home in 2019 with previous experience working in mental health case management. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a Bachelor’s of Social Work.

What Allison enjoys most in her position is the opportunity to connect with people with a variety of life experiences. She loves listening to people and helping them work through any barriers in the process to become their best selves.

Angela, Grants & Partnerships Manager | 

Angela develops and maintains community partnerships to expand and strengthen resources for the families she serves. Through her Heart Room program coordination and housing advocate work she regularly meets with families to set program and life-long goals while measuring their success and empowering them to succeed.   

With a Liberal Arts degree, Angela has an extensive background in supportive services where she developed and implemented a survivor-centered vision for a housing department of a California-based organization and led her team of colleagues dedicated to empowering the lives of homeless individuals and families fleeing intimate partner violence and/or sexual assault. Angela feels driven to connect with those she serves and work to make a difference.

Anna, Voucher Housing Advocate | 

With her background in International Relations, Anna brings the perspective of top-down analysis as well as grassroots systems into the greater Madison community. Anna’s previous experience as an operations coordinator supports her detail-oriented approach.

While serving families as a Housing Advocate in the Voucher Program she feels ​​privileged to be in this role and have the opportunity to accompany families wherever they are at on the road towards greater stability. The strength and resilience of the parents and children inspire her, and she aspires to be a safe and supportive part of their community as they reach their self-determined goals.

AnnaVi, Program Manager | 

AnnaVi leads the Voucher Program as a Program Manager and supports her team of Housing Advocates in providing assistance and direct supervision. Her duties include providing crisis intervention when needed and ensuring program compliance. While providing coordination for available housing vouchers within Dane County, she works closely with the housing authorities of our community.

With a Master’s of Social Work and a Bachelor’s in Human Services, AnnaVi enjoys seeking knowledge by collaborating with colleagues and partnering with other Dane County agencies that share a common interest and mission. Her previous experience draws from a foundation of clinical internships and work in domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy. AnnaVi sees the value of The Road Home’s work that adds to people’s lives as well as our communities.

Becky, Permanent Supportive Housing – Housing Advocate | 
Becky joined The Road Home in June of 2023 as the on-site Housing Advocate at the Tailor Place apartments. She is passionate about providing advocacy, support, and resources to the Tailor Place families by building meaningful relationships that center around trust. Previously, Becky worked as a Medical Laboratory Scientist before heading back to school to study social work.

Becky believes in standing beside the families enrolled in The Road Home’s programs while they navigate the tumultuous process of securing stable housing. Long term, she would like to work alongside the CARES Program with her partner who is an EMT to reduce the stigma and violence towards individuals experiencing mental health crises. 

Betsy, Office Manager | 

Betsy has held various roles at The Road Home and currently assists our development team as the Office Manager providing technical database and donor support. She brings an expert view to her work with a focus on serving families equitably. Betsy received her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2009 and has been dedicated to serving families who have experienced homelessness ever since.  

Betsy chose to work in housing because she sees that housing is related to every aspect of people’s lives. She believes that when people don’t have safe, stable housing, it impacts their school, work, health, and relationships. When people have stable housing, they are able to accomplish amazing things.

Biana, Communications Manager |

Biana holds a BA in Communications from UW-Madison and brings a rich background in communications and digital marketing from her experiences in both the nonprofit and startup sectors. She’s most excited to use her skills and experience to develop communication plans that will enhance Road Home’s digital presence and amplify its mission.

Driven by a passion for content creation and storytelling, Biana finds her joy in crafting stories that resonate and connect. When she’s not working, Biana enjoys exploring new vegan restaurants, working on graphic design projects, and traveling.

Brenna, Human Resources & Operations Director |

Brenna Keely is the Human Resources and Operations Director at The Road Home. In her role, she oversees hiring, benefits, payroll, and employee retention. Brenna also manages vendor relationships and ensures smooth facility operations. With a Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management and a certificate in Leadership, Brenna is passionate about working with people and is deeply committed to serving vulnerable populations.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, trying new restaurants, and tackling DIY home projects. As an HR professional, Brenna prioritizes providing compliant and empathetic support to those she serves.

Emily, Building Futures Housing Advocate | 

As a Housing Advocate in the Building Futures Program, Emily supports young adults, ages 18-24, and their families with housing, employment, career, and life goals. Emily is also a Wisconsin Certified Peer Support Specialist for Mental Health and Substance Use which helps her relate to what families served by our agency may have experienced. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Spanish and is currently in graduate school to earn her Master of Social Work degree.

Her past lived experience and knowledge of the challenges involved with being unhoused led her to direct support work. Emily knows about many of the community resources available in Madison and Dane County from her prior work in supporting people who have previously experienced homelessness. Emily enjoys The Road Home’s positive work environment that is focused on serving families and believes that when people have stable housing, they can accomplish so many things in life and reach their highest potential.

Jasmine, Administrative Assistant | 
In her role as Administrative Assistant at The Road Home, Jasmine provides vital office support to both program participants and staff. With over a decade of personal experience navigating the Madison rental market, Jasmine is deeply attuned to the challenges of affordable housing. She holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Global Studies and World History and continually educates herself on housing issues through trusted news sources and voices of lived experience.

Jasmine is passionate about working in a nonprofit that empowers people to achieve stable housing, believing that safe and affordable housing is a fundamental human right. Outside of work, she loves exploring the outdoors, watching movies and documentaries, and spending quality time with her family.

Jazzman, Permanent Supportive Housing Advocate | 
 As Permanent Supportive Housing Advocate at The Road Home, Jazzman offers personalized case management to clients, ensuring their housing needs are met through strategic resource connections and advocacy efforts. With four years of experience advocating for vulnerable communities in Madison and beyond, Jazzman is dedicated to securing stable housing for all individuals. She is especially driven to enhance food access in Madison and finds joy in crafting and camping during her leisure time.
Josh, Rapid Rehousing Housing Advocate | 

Josh is passionate about the support he provides as a Housing Advocate in The Road Home’s Rapid Rehousing program. He strives to help families reach and maintain stability by providing support as well as linking them to resources. A native of Madison, Josh received his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with a minor in Human Services from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. 

Josh began working at The Road Home in July 2019. Prior to his arrival at The Road Home, Josh worked as an intern social worker for the Dane County Department of Human Services, and then at the Boys and Girls Club as the Teen and Sports Coordinator. He also serves as a juvenile court worker at the Dane County Juvenile Detention and Dane County Shelter Home. Josh chose this field because he believes we all have a purpose in this world to protect and serve people in any best practice possible. Josh takes pride in being a part of making a positive change and trying to make this world a better place for all.

Kristin Rucinski, Interim Executive Director | 
Through a Nonprofit Consulting contract with Numbers 4 Nonprofits, Kristin joined the team as the Interim Executive Director of The Road Home in January of 2024, marking her return to the organization where she previously held positions from 2007 to 2022, most notably as Executive Director from 2011 to 2022.
With a steadfast commitment to ending homelessness in Dane County, Kristin brings extensive experience in nonprofit leadership to her role. We expect Kristin to serve in this capacity until August 2024.


Lydia, Housing Stabilization Housing Advocate | 

In her role as a Housing Advocate in the Housing Stabilization Program, Lydia is excited to build meaningful relationships with the families she serves where she is able to witness firsthand the positive impact that stable housing has had on families and children’s lives. Families enrolled in the Housing Stabilization Program have successfully secured housing, and through her role, Lydia works with them to identify goals such as maintaining positive relationships with their landlords, finding employment, and navigating complex housing systems. She believes that having a safe and stable home is a basic human right.

Lydia attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned a degree in International Studies and a minor in Middle East Studies. Lydia’s formal education trained her to approach complex issues from a variety of perspectives with coursework that emphasized critical thinking and cross-cultural understanding, which has enabled her to approach problems creatively and work collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds.

Madelyn, Program Coordinator | 

As Onsite Housing Program Coordinator, Madelyn fills vacancies at our six onsite properties, helps families with paperwork, and collaborates with the program team and property managers to ensure smooth housing processes.

Madelyn brings five summers of nonprofit experience and holds a degree in Community and Nonprofit Leadership from UW Madison. At UW, she was the President of a Personal Essentials Pantry and a Research Assistant in a lab focused on literacy and justice-involved families. She is passionate about learning and exploring complex social systems. Madelyn believes housing is foundational to stability and independence, and is eager to address housing inequality in Dane County. In her free time, Madelyn enjoys reading, writing, and exploring interests in geography and neurodivergent inclusion in the workplace.

Madisen, Voucher Housing Advocate | 

As a Housing Advocate supporting families with housing vouchers, Madisen works to empower local families with children through the effective utilization of housing vouchers. By advocating for vulnerable populations and collaborating with community partners, Madisen contributes to the organization’s mission of ending homelessness, working to ensure that every person has a safe and stable place to call home. 

With a background in teaching, Madisen is currently pursuing her MSW at UW-Madison. Both her work and continued education have reinforced Madisen’s belief that housing is a human right. Outside of work Madisen enjoys sports and is an avid volleyball player and coaches players year-round. 

Maximiliano, Bilingual Housing Advocate |

Maximiliano takes on the role of seeking affordable housing, guiding families in maintaining employment, and assisting in setting post-program financial goals for those in the Heart Room program. As a former healthcare professional, he applies a deep understanding of complex systems to navigate the intricacies of affordable housing.

Maximiliano’s diverse journey includes serving on the Statewide Action Planning Group, contributing to care services in Wisconsin, and being a committed First Aid/CPR/AED & BLS instructor. This rich background enriches the support he provides, making him a valuable asset in guiding individuals towards stable housing and financial independence.

Meghan, Development Director | 

As the Development Director, Meghan leads the organization’s fundraising efforts in collaboration with the Development & Communications team. This includes building relationships with our incredible supporters, planning our annual Homes for Families Fundraising Breakfast, writing and managing grants, and more. Meghan brings to her role years of nonprofit fundraising experience and she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a Public Relations emphasis from Wartburg College.

Meghan guides her team with an open, collaborative approach and believes that safe, stable, affordable housing is a human right – no questions asked. In her role, Meghan feels honored to support the efforts and the team of dedicated Housing Advocates who work alongside families every day.

Nathan, RISE Housing Advocate | 

Nathan joined the team in January of 2024 as the RISE Housing Advocate. He is passionate about providing compassionate case management and other supportive services to families experiencing homelessness in Dane County. Before joining The Road Home, Nathan worked as a behavioral technician for children with autism and contributed to a crisis text line. In 2023, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UW Madison.

Nathan firmly believes in the fundamental right of every person to have a roof over their head. He feels honored to provide holistic support to families enrolled in the RISE program. During his leisure time, you’ll find Nathan experimenting with new baking recipes, immersed in a romance novel, enjoying anime, dancing, and scaling rock climbing walls. In addition to his professional commitments, Nathan dedicates his time to volunteering for a crisis hotline.

Nicole, Program Director | 

Nicole is responsible for supporting frontline staff who serve families and children in The Road Home’s Permanent Supportive Housing Program. While overseeing and leading her team, she also supports applications into The Road Home’s housing programs. With a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Spanish Language from UW-Whitewater, she brings previous direct service experience from behavioral health where she supported patients experiencing severe and persistent mental illnesses.

The Road Home’s approach to supporting families in a holistic way that empowers their lives is something Nicole is proud to be a part of. She feels our programs don’t solely focus on rent being paid, rather, our team assists with things like supporting children as they move through their education, assisting families with obtaining employment or other opportunities, and supporting clients as they make decisions regarding their health (physical health, mental health, etc.).

Shantrice, Permanent Supportive Housing Advocate | 

As a Permanent Supportive Housing Advocate at The Road Home, Shantrice assesses housing needs, navigates resources, and empowers individuals and families facing homelessness. With eight years of experience serving low-income families, Shantrice brings a deep understanding of community needs and resources to her role. She holds dual associate degrees in Business and Early Childhood Education/Child Services, and is currently pursuing a degree in Education with an emphasis on Leadership at UW-Whitewater.

Her passion for nonprofit work is fueled by a commitment to helping people secure stable housing and building the foundation to achieve their goals. Outside of work, Shantrice is dedicated to bridging the opportunity gap for youth of color, providing them with support and empowerment to realize their potential.

Silvan, Housing Advocate | 

Silvan joined The Road Home in August of 2023 as a Housing Advocate at Housing & Hope Vera. Before joining the team, he was the Lead Outreach Specialist at Urban Triage for two years. In his role, Silvan works with youth (ages 17.5-24) who are struggling to secure safe, affordable housing. As a Housing Advocate, he helps program participants put together housing plans, set personal goals surrounding personal finances, employment, etc., and assists in securing documentation needed for housing. 

He is passionate about his work because he wholeheartedly believes that when someone is facing homelessness and is working to find housing, it can feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. To be able to take some of that weight off as a Housing Advocate is why he’s chosen to work at The Road Home. Outside of work, Silvan enjoys creating art and doing martial arts.

Whitley, Program Coordinator | 

As a member of the Voucher Program, Whitley supports families and their children with resources that build on their foundation of stable housing. In her role as a Program Coordinator, Whitley strengthens relationships with the families she serves and strives to have an authentic connection to foster growth and empowerment. When working with clients on their short and long-term goal setting, she develops an achievable plan for families to succeed at their own pace.

Whitley draws knowledge and inspiration from local grassroots organizations and enjoys having authentic, community conversations. As one of several Voucher Program team members, she believes wholeheartedly in our mission of empowering families.

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