The Road Home

Permanent Supportive Housing

After bouncing from shelter to shelter, Housing & Hope helped Whitney locate and maintain stable housing for her family. Read her story here.

child's drawing of a home

Children served by The Road Home drew photos of homes during a community art program, Little Picassos.

Our permanent supportive housing programs work to end chronic homelessness by providing support to families facing significant barriers. To qualify for one of these programs, a family must meet both of the following criteria:

  1. Have an adult with a disability
  2. Demonstrate chronic homelessness by having experienced either one year of consecutive homelessness or four episodes of homelessness in the past three years.

Programs that fall under this umbrella combine supported, affordable housing with case management services in order to best help these families be successful. These programs recognize and address the long-term challenges faced by families dealing with disabilities. Families can stay in these programs as long as they need help and have a child under age 18 living in their household.

Programs include:

  • House-ability is a collaborative program with the YWCA – Madison and The Salvation Army that provides permanent rental subsidies and case management services for 23 homeless families that have a parent with a disability. Families are placed in apartments throughout the county through partnerships with community landlords.
  • Housing & Hope is a unique and successful model that provides affordable rent and on-site case management services to Madison area families in two different locations each with 15 apartments owned by The Road Home. The apartments are located in a mixed-income neighborhood, close to schools and bus lines, and with access to a local grocery store. These affordable-housing apartments were developed and are managed by our partner, Meridian Group, Inc. In addition to regular case management, residents in Housing & Hope apartments also have access to an education specialist who helps both children and adults reach their educational goals.
  • Moving Up is a collaboration with the City of Madison Community Development Authority with case management provided by The Road Home. Designed to bring national best practices to our community, this program seeks to increase the availability of permanent supportive housing units. Because of low turnover, large waiting lists often form for permanent supportive housing units. Moving Up provides families who have stabilized and no longer need such intense services with Section 8 vouchers, enabling them to move into other rental units where they will continue to receive some supportive services. This opens up permanent supportive housing units for families who are currently homeless.
  • Foundations provides scattered-site, permanent supportive housing (housing located throughout the community instead of in one apartment complex) to six families in our community who are chronically homeless. Foundations is primarily funded through HUD with The Road Home providing case management and administering the program. Families pay 30% of their income back into the program.
  • The Mainstream Voucher Program is administered by the City of Madison Community Development Authority and Dane County Housing Authority. The Road Home partners with both agencies to provide support services for over 50 families with Section 8 Mainstream Vouchers, allowing them to pay 30% of their income for rent. Each housing authority has different eligibility criteria but in both partnerships, the household needs to include a head of household between 18-61 years old with a disability.
  • Fair Oaks Apartments is a partnership with Stone House Development, Inc. to provide affordable three-bedroom apartments for larger families who have experienced homelessness. Through United Way funding, we will also be partnering with The Playing Field who is expanding to create a new early learning center on the east side of Madison that will serve children living in Fair Oaks Apartments.
  • Tailor Place Apartments were made possible by a continued partnership with Stone House Development, Inc. Using a “moving on” approach, The Road Home provides on-site case management for 10 units dedicated to families who have previously been in a rapid rehousing program or permanent supportive housing program and are ready to “move on,” thereby opening space in those programs for people coming directly out of homelessness.