The Road Home

Supportive Services

When Kara found herself facing homelessness alone, she felt overwhelmed. Her case manager helped her find housing – and strength she didn’t know she had. Read her story here.

At The Road Home, we believe that every child deserves a home. Because of that, we work with families with children to help them find and maintain homes. A key ingredient in our success is our supportive services. Research shows that without supportive services, only 37% of homeless families that move into housing reach one year in that housing. Yet of families in our programs—all of whom receive supportive services, nearly 90% remain in stable housing after one year. We offer a variety of services at levels that meet each family’s needs. These services help families not only address the immediate crisis of homelessness but also set and obtain self-selected goals, overcome barriers, build skills, and access resources that set the stage for long-term success.

Our supportive services include:

Case Management. Case managers meet regularly with families in all of our programs. With the help of a case manager, each family selects goals and sets a plan to achieve them. Meetings cover a range of topics including employment, education, mental and physical health, relationship building and securing basic needs such as food, clothing and transportation.

Educational Support. Our Education Specialist works with 30 families living in the Housing & Hope apartments. This specialist works mostly with school-aged children, serving as a liaison between the families and school, helping families connect with additional resources such as tutors, summer school and enrichment opportunities and working to solve attendance issues. The Education Specialist also works with very young children in early intervention programs and adults who are seeking to increase their skills or education find the path to reach their goals.

Skill-Building. We offer skill-building opportunities at our building for interested families in our programs. Topics might include putting together a resume, budgeting or nutrition. Child care is provided.

Other Wrap-Around Services. As part of our Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) approach, we offer other services and supportive activities that help families become stable, independent and successful. These include screening and assessments, diagnostic evaluations, health and medication monitoring, individual and/or family psychoeducation and psychotherapy, as well as substance abuse treatment.

We also provide supportive services for partner programs. One of these partner programs is Healing House, a recuperative care facility for homeless families, the first of its kind in our community. It provides a safe place for families when someone needs to prepare for or recover from a medical procedure, childbirth, hospitalization or something similar. More than just a shelter, Healing House offers care by medically trained staff and volunteers for up to 28 days. The eight-bed facility provides clients with three meals a day, child care assistance and case management. Healing House is administered through MUM (Madison Area Urban Ministry) with case management provided by The Road Home.