The Road Home

Stable Housing

At The Road Home, we seek long-term solutions to homelessness by helping families find and maintain stable, affordable housing. Not only do we help families locate existing housing in the community, we also partner with others to create new, affordable housing. We then offer a range of supportive services to help them be successful in maintaining this housing. We no longer run our own shelter but instead partner with other agencies who provide shelter space. We made the decision to phase out our shelter so that we could focus on housing. Last year, we helped nearly 180 families, including nearly 400 children, transition into housing. Around 90% of our families who could reach one year in stable housing do so—a significant benchmark for families who have experienced homelessness. While we are thrilled to report that family homelessness has declined in the last few years, it remains an issue in our community. We recognize we still have work ahead of us and are committed to continuing to help more families find and maintain housing in the future.

To ensure that permanent housing solutions continue to remain available to families with children in our community, please donate today.