The Road Home

Donor Thank Yous

We are so grateful to the people in our community who make our work possible. We’d like to specifically thank:

2021 Event Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor: CUNA Mututal Group

  • UW Health, Unity Point Health-Meriter
  • Quartz
  • MetaStar
  • Naviant
  • Frank Beverage Group
  • Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin
  • Summit Credit Union
  • RSM Madison
  • Foley & Lardner LLP – Scott and Tess Klug
  • Wolf Sub Zero Cove
  • Reynolds Transfer & Storage Inc.
  • TASC
  • Terso Solutions
  • WPS Health Solutions
  • Wisconsin Management Company, Inc.
  • FGS The Restoration Company
  • American Family Insurance
  • Titus Talent Strategies
  • Dane County Credit Union
Special Thanks
Homes for Families Society Members

We’ve tried our best to include everyone but if you feel someone has been left off, or have questions, please contact Peggy Halloran by email at or by phone at 608-294-7998 ext. 311.

Sponsor a Home ($10,000 and above per year for five years)

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Lau and Bea Christensen Charitable Foundation
  • William and Jan DeAtley
  • Norma and Doug Madsen
  • Kathy and Tim Mazur
  • Dan and Patti Rashke (TASC) Family Foundation
  • Jay and Katie Sekelsky
  • Eric and Laura teDuits
  • Michael and Karin Victorson

Sponsor a Family ($5,000-$9,999 per year for five years)

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Diane Kay Ballweg
  • Beth and Gary Cutler
  • Diane Grove and Joseph Krupp
  • Hovde Foundation
  • Laura and Mike Huggett
  • Mary and Rich Lynch
  • Rotter Family Foundation
  • Stone House Development, Inc.
  • Dr. Jack Westman

Sponsor a Child ($1,000-$4,999 per year for five years)

  • Anonymous (19)
  • Jodi and Wayne Achterberg
  • Jennifer Alderman
  • Gordon Anderson
  • Mary and Todd Argall
  • Richard Arneson
  • Ann and Craig Aswegan
  • Virginia Bartelt
  • Gregory and Nancy Beale
  • Nicole Bice
  • Brad and Madonna Binkowski
  • Phil and Kit Blake
  • Sue Broihahn
  • Mary Burke
  • Eliot Butler
  • Eric Carlson
  • Jane Carlson
  • Nancy and Shawn Carney
  • Joan and Paul Caskey
  • Scott Coward
  • Susan Crowson
  • Glenn Cushing and Clare Nichols
  • Kevin and Christine Dahlhauser
  • Greg Davis
  • Londa and Walter Dewey
  • Kristin Dewey and Mark Binkowski
  • Marjorie Di Maggio and Fred Lee
  • Cedric Ellis
  • Janet Embray
  • Tim and Christine Erickson
  • Barbara and Bill Feeney
  • Nancy Feingold
  • John and Coleen Flad
  • Jon and Tracy Frank
  • Katherine and Matthew Frank
  • Marianna Mayer Fuchs
  • Mary Gallagher
  • Cindy and Neil Gleason
  • Karen and Thomas Golden
  • Jim and Nancy Graham
  • Patrick and Trish Grant
  • Bridget and David Grauwels
  • Kristy and Paul Hanselman
  • Grace and Galen Hasler
  • Lauren Hasselbacher and Justin Niles
  • Kimberly and Timothy Herlitzka
  • Stephen and Susan Hird
  • Leslie and George Huber
  • Gail Jacob and Henry Steinberger
  • Steve and Bobbie Jellinek
  • Drs. Jeff and Delinda Johnson
  • Matthew Julian
  • Lisa Kasin
  • Chris Kenyon
  • Scott and Tess Klug
  • Ken and Magda Kmiecik
  • Michael and Karen Knetter
  • Charlie and Deb Knudsen
  • Jeffery and Char Kuchenbecker
  • Scott and Suzanne Kuhn
  • Ann Lacy
  • Mark and Susan Landgraf
  • Dr. Gerald Lang and Maria Weber
  • Pat and Pam LeMire
  • Ted and Amy Lingard
  • Ellen Lindgren
  • Aaron and Kathryn Lindner
  • Jay and Janet Loewi
  • Joe Long
  • Amy and Mike Luebke
  • Grif and Mary Beth Madigan
  • Cheri and Karl Madsen
  • Mark and Deb Martin
  • Mark and Lynn Meloy
  • Petra Ressler and Sven Midelfort
  • Rodney and Patsy Miller
  • Michelle Moeller
  • Mike and Nikki Moore
  • Jane Ellen and Steven Morgan
  • Linda and Kevin Mullane
  • Helene Nelson and James Arts
  • Amy Jo Nickles
  • Charles Oehler
  • Sona Olson
  • Kevin and Keely Oppermann
  • Nancy Pandhi
  • Park Bank
  • Jenna and Mike Piche
  • Trina Ploor
  • Jason and Heather Potter
  • Lee and Mary Powell
  • Sherry Reames
  • Stacey Riechers
  • Julie Sandstrom Rimkus
  • Alisa and Ted Robertson
  • Steve and Laura Rose
  • Leonard Ross
  • Catherine and Ron Rotter
  • Nancy Rottier and Gary Goyke
  • Brian Rucinski and Christiane Keller Rucinski
  • Kristin Rucinski and Sarah Gillmore
  • Thomas and Janice Rucinski
  • Linda and Todd Schaack
  • Nan Schaefer
  • Carrie and John Scherpelz
  • John and Linda Schilling
  • Mike and Mary Schlageter
  • Monica Schraml
  • Jill and Jerry Sielaff
  • Greg and Kay Simmons
  • Pat and Tim Size
  • James and Liz Slager
  • Mike and Patti Sobolewski
  • David and Jennifer Stein
  • Dr. James Stein
  • Chan Stroman and John Roll
  • Doug and Beckie Strub
  • Jeff and Tara Swalve
  • Adam and Michelle Sweet
  • Rodney Tapp
  • Barbara Tesch and Mike Szulczewski
  • Barbara Jill Thomas
  • Tom and Kit Thomsen
  • Barbara Tomaschy
  • Dan and Jessica Wang
  • Kian Wagner
  • Ann Wenzel
  • Heather Wheiland
  • Charlie and Crystal Wills
  • Sally and David Wolff
  • Diane Vollrath
  • Beth and Mike Zuehlke
  • City of Madison Community Development Division
  • Dane County Human Services
  • United Way of Dane County
2019 Donors
We’ve tried our best to include everyone but if you feel someone has been left off, or have questions, please contact Peggy Halloran by email at or by phone at 608-294-7998 ext. 311.
100 Men of Dane County
The Sinsinawa Dominicans
A1 Furniture
Betsy Abramson & David Seligman
Lisa Acker
Suzanne Adler
David Affeldt
Leslie Affeldt
Lorece Aitken
Majd Akkawi
Greg Albert
Jennifer Alderman
George & Terri Lynn Alexander
Sarah Allen
Alliant Energy Foundation
Paula & Robert Alt
Jacob Altergott
American Family Insurance
American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation
American Fundraising Foundation, Inc.
American Girl’s Fund for Children
Mary Amundson
Karla & Josef Anderegg
David Anders
Aleasha Anderson
Dan Anderson & Joan Nugent
Donna Anderson
Gordon Anderson
Kim Anderson
Paul Anderson
Janice Anderzon
Anne Flaherty Angel
Teri & Nicholas Angell
Pam Annen
Gary & Martha Taylor Antoniewicz
Steve Brown Apartments
Deborah Archer
Jessalyn Armes
Barbara & John Armitage
Sylvia & Larry Poppelbaum
Ellen Arney
AFSCME Retirees
Shannon Ash
Associated Bank
Craig  & Ann Aswegan
Attic Angel Association
Ann & Roger Avery
Lola Awoyinka
Dave Babler
Matthew Bachmeier
Norman Bair
Diane Kay Ballweg
Theresa Balsiger
Heather & Jeffrey Banschbach
Tom Barrett
Becky Baumbach
Florine Bayer
Sharon Beall
Mark Bean
Jeff Beatty
Larry Bechler
Joanne Becker
Leigh & Michael Becker
Matthew Becker
Marnie Beebe
Christopher Beedle
Angela Behm
Theo Beilfuss
Lucas Benford
Pamela Bennett
Laura Benning
George & Susan Benton
Violet Berend
Vicki Berenson & Sheldon Gross
Kenneth Berg
Sue Berg
Harold Bergan & M. Susan Hundt-Bergan
Darlene & Bill Berry
Elizabeth Berry and Mike Hendrickson
Mary Berry
Rev. Peter & Valerie Besenbruch
Russ & Janine Bessemer
Karen Best
Bethany United Methodist Church
Paula Beyer
Nicole Bice
Laura Bird
Maya Bittar
Blackhawk Church
Jean & Dennis Blackmore
Mary Blanchard
Robert & Kathy Block-Brown
Lauren Blough
BlueTree Network
Zach Blumenfeld
BMO Harris Bank
Julie Bockheim
Nathan Bodwin
Rita Bogosh
Richard Bolton & Sandra Tarver
Book Club Abolitionists
Nicole Borne
Nathan Bossow
Fredi-Ellen Bove
Tucker & Carmen Boyd
Eileen Bradley
Ryan Bradley
Frederick Brancel & Mary Litwiller
David & Wendy Brand
Dorothy Brar Bill Brendler
Mary Kay Briggs
Lara Brightwell
Broihahn Mgmt. & Consulting, LLC
Kayalyn Broy
Katie Bruckner
Jason Bruner
Matthew Bruns
Bill Buchholz
Terri Buechner
Barbara Copeland Buenger
Susan Burhop
Anna & Andy Burish Mary Burke
Harriette Burkhalter
Tom & Sue Bush
Julie Buss
Christina Busse
Carolyn & Brian Butler
Amy Butrymowicz
Peter & Amy Callies
Elizabeth Campbell
Julie Campbell
Steve Cantley
Capitol Indemnity Corp.
Roxana Capper
Rosemarie Carbino
Katherine Carlin
Jane and Eric Carlson
Christina Carmichael
Susan Carnell
Shawn & Nancy Carney
Michael Carr
Samantha Carroll & Dan Schally
Lynn Case Joan & Paul Caskey
Emma Caspar
Patrick Cassidy
Ann Catlett
Bob & Kris Ceder
Sarah Ceponis
Ronald Chance
Larry Charme, MD
Mandy Checkai
Jessie Chmell
Joshua Chover
Eric Christiansen
Maggi Christianson & Jeff Carroll
Heather Clefisch & Nathan Zolik
Katherine Coates
David Coe
Diana Cohen & Weselley Slaymaker
Kathleen Coleman
Andrea Collins
Pamela & Thomas Collins
Colony Brands Foundation
Lee Columbus
Kevin & Kerrie Colwell
Peggy Comerford
Compeer Financial
Joanne Conger
Alane Conn
Andrea Conrad
Mark Consigny
Ricardo Contreras
Robert Conway
Corin Coons
Anthony Cooper
Sandra Corbett
Jane & James Corkery
Joe & Barbara Corry
Country Grove Neighborhood Association
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Judith Craig
The Cremer Foundation
Dennis Creswell
Joyce Crim
Kristin Crisp
Michael Croal
M Susan Crowson
CSM Companies, Inc.
Shirley & Thomas Culp
Cumberland Consulting
CUNA Mutual Group
CUNA Mutual Group Foundation
Robert & Nancy Currell
Kathy Curtner
Beth & Gary Cutler
George Cutlip
Charles and Kathryn Czuprynski
Christine & Kevin Dahlhauser
Dale Heights Presbyterian Church
Gordon Dale
Mark Dalebroux
Meghan Daly
Nancy Mairs Daly
Dan & Patti Rashke (TASC) Family Foundation
Dane Arts
Dane County Credit Union
David Daniel
Paula Darr
Kumkum Datta
Wynn Davies
Chris Davis
Tim Davis
Rev. James & Edith Davison
Dawe Family Foundation
Day 1 Families Fund
Heather Dean
Timothy Dean & Susan Hagness
William & Jan DeAtley
Sue Dentinger & Mark Hill
Jacci Denton
Beth Dettman
Neal Deunk
Gene & Beatrice Dewey
Kristin Dewey
Londa & Walter Dewey
Barry DeZonia
Michael & Carla Di Iorio
George Diak
Harold Diaz
Beth & Daniel Dibbert
Benjamin Dickey & Elizabeth Connor
Dana Dickinsen
Emily Dickmann & Thomas Kuplic
Thomas Dietz
Cari & Stephen DiTullio
Caroline & Ronald Doersch
Brian Donarski
John & Mary Doskocil
Jessica Doyle
Margaret Draper
Phyllis Dresser
Pam Duane
John Dyar
Kendall Eberhardt
Juanita Ebert
Jon & Lee Eckhardt
Edgewood High School
Laurie & Doug Egre
Elizabeth Circle-Advent Lutheran Church
Oliver Eng
William Engber
Marjorie Engelman
Entercom Madison LLC
Mbanwie Enyuh
Epic Systems Corporation
Amy Epstein
Lynne Martin Erickson
Pamela & Howard Erlanger
Catherine Esteves
Judith Ettinger
Jacqueline Evenson
Jay Everard
Susan Fadness
Timothy & Patricia Fannon
Farwell Project Advisors, LLC
Barbara & Bill Feeney
Nancy Feingold & Doug Green
Jake Felder
Donald & Myra Ferree
Grovaline Fetzner
Becki Fiegel
First Baptist Church
First Congregational United Church of Christ
First Unitarian Society of Madison
Brigitte Fisch
J.M. Fisher
Casey Fitzrandolph
John & Coleen Flad
Lisa & Marshall
Flax Food Fight Restaurant Group
Anne Forbes
Annie Forest
Pamela Fornell & Spencer Black
Courtier Foundation, Inc.
Lau & Bea Christensen Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Rotter Family Foundation, Inc.
The Magic Pebble Foundation
David & Kim Fowler
Annette Fox
Veronica & David Franchino
Frank Beverage Group
John Franz
Jim & Ellen Franzone
Justin Freeze
Diane & Richard Fronek
Patricia & John Gadow
Katie and Fabio Gaertner
Carola & Arnold Gaines
Janet Garkey
Rosa Garner & Jim Murphy
Dorothy Gasner
Barbara Gassman
Gary & Pam Gates
Clarice Gensch
John F Giegel
Jennifer Giesler
Janet Gietzel
Dean Giorgetti
Karen Gipp
Geri & Scott Girard
Jennifer Gladem
Kim Gleffe
Norris & Sandra Glick
Mandy Gloe
Lucy Gmeinder-Borcherding
Dana Gnesdilow
Terrence & Erin Goeldner
Karen & Norman Goeschko
Dolores & Paul Gohdes
Steven A. Goldberg
Kellye Golden
Gordon & Anne Govier
Jim Graham
Trevor Graham
Great Lakes Higher Education
Mary Dianne Greenley
Bridget Gregson
J. Greisen and Adeline Peck
Leigh Griesbach
Patrick Grillot
Michelle Grindle
Jill Groblewski
Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin
Gundlach Family Fund of Messiah Lutheran Church
Judy Gunkel
Gerri Gurman
Ted Gurman
Michael Gustafson
Owen Gwynne
Robert Gwynne
Tim Haak
Jorie Habenicht
Heather & John Hagen
Elizabeth Haimson
Jacob Hale
Jim Hale
Kari Hall
Linda Hall
Peggy Halloran
Menachem Halmann
Brad Hamer
Joe Hammang
Heather Hampton
Jonathan Handali
Lisa Hanrahan
Jody Hansen
Paul & Susan Hansen
Mike Hanson
Paulette Harder
Reta Harring
Paula Harris
Jane Hartman
Julie Hartung
Lauren Hasselbacher and Justin Nillis
Stephanie Hayden
Lydia Haynes
Holly Hein
Ron Heinrich
Jean & Jerome Heinrichs
Jane & Andrew Held
Robert Helm
Mara Helmke
Robin Helmstadter
Laura Hendrickson
Mary and Alan Hendrickson
Susan Henning
Gretchen Henricks
Katie Hensen
Thomas Herman & Patricia Kexel
Mandy Herrick
Rob Hetzel
Angela Heyworth
Matthew Hill
Sean & Laura Hilty
Jeffrey Hirsch
Beth Ringgenberg & Judith Hoard
Katherine Hoel
Chris Hoffman
Cynthia Hoffman
Jo Hoffman
Jed Hohlbein
Michelle Hoke
Carol and James Holmquist
Kirsten Houghton
Rachel Howard
Leslie & George Huber
David Silverberg & Elizabeth Huebel
Adam & Jenny Huffman
Hannah Huffman
Anne Marie & William Hunnex
Randi Huntsman
Katherine Hustad
Mark Huth
Pam Hying
Immanuel Lutheran Church Endowment Foundation, Inc
Travis Inda
Sentry Insurance
Diane D. Iverson
Jack DeLoss
Taylor Charitable Trust
Megan Jackson
Ralph & Marie Jackson
Dr. Paul and Carol Lynne Jacobsen
Jenna Jacobson
Stephanie Farrell
Jaeckle & Torrey Jaeckle
Thomas Jahns
Bradford Jakel
James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Dana Janusz
Deon Jaye
John & Susan Nicol
Mitchell Johnson
Phillip & Suzan Johnson
Ann Marie Jones
Malia Jones
Rosemary & Lee Jones
Tina Jones Matthew
Julian Kelly Junk Luke Justman
Michael Kafka
David & Donna Kallstrom
Jeelani Kamal
Ruth Kamrath
Zaher Karp
Christian Kastman
Melissa Kehoe
Steve Kelley
Leland & Arlys Kempf
Ben Kempinen
Debora Kennedy
Paul Kent
Mary Beth Keppel
Daniel & Linda Kerkman
Bill & Judi Kessler
Kelly Keyes
Mary Rose Kieler
James & Deborah Kinder
Darren Kittleson & Devery Cash
Scott & Tess Klug
Magda & Ken Kmiecik
Karen Knetter
Helmut Knies
Katie Knill
Deb & Charlie Knudsen
Elizabeth Kohl
Torri Kopp-Mueller
Thad Kortbein
Kramer, Elkins and Watt, LLC
Christopher Krause
Edward Krinsky
Jennifer Kripps
Kleo Baruth Kritz
Jamie & David Pekarek Krohn
Tally Kruger
Scott & Suzanne Kuhn
Laura  & Dan Kunze
Janet Kupelian
Michael Kusch
The La Centra-Sumerlin Foundation
Scott & Kristy Lai
Anne Lainberger
Lake Edge Lutheran Church
Lake Edge United Church of Christ
Gina Landucci
Dr. Gerald J Lang, M.D. & Maria Weber
Amanda Lange
LeighAnn Larson
Nancy Larson
Terri Larson
Janet Laube
Gloria A. Laundrie
Amanda Lavigueur
Melanie Lawler
Judith Leavitt
Drs. Marjorie Dimaggio & Fred Lee, Jr.
James & Rose Lehnherr
Andrew Leja
Pam & Patrick LeMire
Laura Lemke
Richard Lennertz
Jim Lerdahl
Marvin Levy
Chris Leyda
Pastor Lex Liberatore
Christina Libs
Sarah Lim
Greta J. Lindberg
Michell & Warren Linden
Aaron Lindner
David & Ruth Lindorff
Charlotte Lindstrom
Anne Linkert
Melissa Linkert
Diane Linn
Jay & Janet Loewi
David Logan
Mary Lohrentz
Nick Lombardino
Joseph Long
Willis Long
Sarah & Robert Lorenz
Jeremy Lorenzo
Juan Losada & Maria Ruiz
Barbara Luedke
Ken Lund
Peter & Jill Lundberg
Rose Lundberg
Luther Memorial Church
Lutheran Church of the Living Christ
Mary & Rich Lynch
Judith Lyons
Alex Mackie
Madison Community Foundation
Madison East Seventh Day Adventist Church
Madison Gas & Electric Foundation, Inc.
Madison Rotary Foundation
Madison South Rotary Foundation
Church Women United in Madison
Helen & Ernest Madsen
Norma & Douglas Madsen
Florencia Mallon
Elizabeth Malson-Huddle
Kelly Maly
Ravi Manghnani & Todd Kinsman
Michael & Georgia Manning
Curt Marker
Jessica Marking
Margaret Maroney
Laird Marshall & Alice D’Alessio
Doris Marten
Catherine Martin
Debra Martin
Mark & Debbie Martin
Roger & Diane Marty
Pamela Mason
Mary Mastaglio
John & Carol Mathis
Carolyn Mattern
Arlene Mattioda
Helen and Jeffrey Mattox
Sarah Maudlin
Patricia & Jeff Mayers
Barbara & Dennis McCabe
Michael McCabe and Marilyn Feil
Colleen McCormick
Nancy McCulley
Thomas McGinniss
Hildegarde McGown
Michelle McKiernan
Ron & Judy McKinley
Julia McMurray
Cary & Brenda McNatt
Mary McNeill
Kim McPeak
Sarah Meador
The Meadows of Sixmile Creek
Anne Means
Virginia Meharg
Cynthia & John Mehl
Alicia Meidinger
Erin Mellem
Rachelle Melms
Melissa Mennig
Meridian Group, Inc.
Messiah Lutheran Church
Cris & Lori Meyer
Paul & Ruth Meyer
Naoma Michaelis
Ross & Beth Michaels
Mary Michor
Middleton Community Church
Midvale Community Lutheran Church
Mark & Amy Miller
Patsy & Rodney Miller
Vance Miller
Dan Millmann
Jocelyn Milner & Mark Ediger
Jan & Bill Minardi
Ken Minor
Barry & Irene Mirkin
Michelle Moeller
Monona United Methodist Church
Donna & John Montgomery
Dan & Elizabeth O’Callaghan
Patrick & Susanna Mooney
Sarah & Miles Morgan
Ronald Morse
Adam Morstad
Ed Moscovitch
Darrin Most
Mary Ann Mueller
Jill Muenich
Linda & Kevin Mullane
Jackie Murphy
Ryan Murphy
Lisa Murray
Marje Murray
Evan Musick
Ann Myers
Jackie Myers
Leigh Myers
Abigail Nadler
Jill Nadler
Steven Nadler
Michelle Nadowski
Alyssa Nagel
National Guardian Life Insurance Co.
Naviant, Inc.
Dorothea Nazos
Paul Neitzel
Esther & Dean Nelson
Frederick & Dolores Nelson
Helene Nelson
& James Arts
James Nelson
Jayne Nelson
Paul Nelson & Jane Lewis
Theresa Nelson
Mary Nervig
Jolen Neumann
Jon Newell
Rev. Michael Newheart
Arthur Nicholas
Julia and Tom Nicholas
Bobbi Jo Nichols
Amy Jo & Jerry Nickles
Bruce Meredith & Mary Niederehe
Robert  & Nancy Nikolay
Rodney & Carol Nilles
Andrea Nilsen
Jennifer Noel
Hala Noltemeyer
Cassie and Michael Noltnerwyss
Brad & Marie Nordeng
Jane & John Norman
Jennifer Norr
Laura Novak
Stacey & Tyler Novogoratz
Julia Nowicki
Numbers 4 Nonprofits
Heather Nussbaum
June Nyhus
Oaks Trust DTD
Oakwood Foundation, Inc.
Carrie O’Dell
Old National Bank Foundation
Brad O’Louglin
Todd & Catherine Olson
Dawn Olson
Kathleen Olson
Linda Olson
Kathleen O’Mara
Jim Omohundro & Erika Helmer
Michael & Patrice Onheiber
Keely & Kevin Oppermann
Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ
Linda Orr
Rebecca Otte-Ford
Michele Ouellette
Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish
Bill & Kathleen Owens
Lesly Oxley
Paula Pachciarz and Carl Wacker
Noreen Parrett
Linda Passaglia Lt.
Reggie Patterson
Captain Tim Patton
Wayne & Nancy Paulson
Morgan Peaden
Ann Peckham
Cathy & Paul Peercy
Gayle Perlberg
Chris Perras
Ralph Petersen & Helen Horn
Fran Pfefferkorn
Carolyn & James Pflasterer
Jenna & Mike Piche
Dan & Lisa Pickett
Stephen & Rita Pieroni
Judith Pierotti
Elizabeth Pinkerton
Eric Piotrowski
Sarah Pisula
Play Haven Properties LLC
Pledgeling Foundation
Phyllis & John Pleuss
Julie Poehlmann-Tynan
Karen Pollack
Kris Pongratz
Marjorie Pope
William Pope
Joshua Port
Barbara Porter-Quam
Jason & Heather Potter
Laura Potter
Robin Potter
Gary Poulson
Janice Powell
Mary & Lee Powell
Power System Engineering Inc.
Patty Prime
ProAxis LLC
Paula Proctor
Bruce Quade
David & Marian Quade
Charles Quirt
Lori Raife
Wendy Rakower & Warren Buckles
Teresa and Scott Rankin
Francine & Arnold Rask
Kathleen Rasmussen
Jean Raspel
Mary Ray
Mary Ann & Richard Reale
Realtors Assn. of SC WI, Inc.
Sherry Reames
Elizabeth Redford
Mary Jane & Richard Reiners
Linda Reivitz
Sheryl Renslo
Reynolds Transfer & Storage
Tom Reynolds
Jeri & Tom Reynolds
Eli Reynolds
Seama Rezai
Linette Rhodes
Belinda Richardson & Ricardo Thomas
Sarah Richmond
Joan & William Richner
Melba Rick
Lisa Rieck
Dr. Gary & Judy Ries
Brett  & Julie Rimkus
Cheri Ring
Gerald Ring
Rita Kades
Diane & John Roach
Sara Roberts
Juscha Robinson
Barb Roeber & Larry Black
Mary Roed
Nicole Roepe
Laura Roethe
Ellie Rogers & Randy Coloni
Renee Rogerson
Daniel Roman
Lara Romine
Lisa Rondini
Laura & Steve Rose
Raymond Rosing
Carol Ross
Josh & Wonah Ross
Margaret Harrigan & Richard Ross
Wonah & Josh Ross
Candice Roth
Scott Roth
Catherine & Ron Rotter
Dennis Ruchti
Kristin Rucinski & Sarah Gillmore
Thomas & Janice Rucinski
Jodie Rush
Ryan Rustler
Hally Saalsaa
TerriJo Saarela
Tom Sakash
Nick Sales
Suzanne Samios
Peter Sammataro
Elizabeth Sammis
Pablo & Kathryn Sanchez
Ben Sandee & Liz Jesse
Timothy & Marjorie Sandee
Teresa Santulli
Robert & Mary Savage
Margaret Scalzo
Caitlin Scarborough
Linda & Todd Schaack
Nancy & Bob Schaefer
Nancy Schalch
Robert & Marianne Scheele
Kristin Scheible
Gaye Scheidegger
Michael & Cheyenne Schenk
Carrie & John Scherpelz
Jennifer Schlimgen
Bonnie Schmidt
Melanie & Daniel Schmidt
Richard Schmidt
Jenna Schmitt
Andrea Schmoldt
Karen Schneider & Andy Shrago
Larry & Anne Schoenemann
Cal Schroeder
Emmett & Mary Ann Schulte
Carol Schultz
Nancy & Richard Schultz
Amy Schulz
Tasha Scott
Glenn Seaman
Kathleen Seiden-Thomas
Jay & Katie Sekelsky
Khiang Seow
Travis & Lauren Serebin
Erica Serlin & Ken Kushner
Seva Circle
Kelly Severson
Abbey Sharp
Rev. John & Jean Sheild
Nadav & Miriam Shelef
Marsha Sheppard
Tricia Shields
Michael & Nancy Shinners
Richard Shropshire
Cheryl Shult
Marilisa Sieczkowski
Sara Siegmann
Jill & Jerry Sielaff
Sigma Alpha Omega
Jeanne & Joseph Silverberg
Lynn Silverman
Greg & Kay Simmons
Andi & Jeff Simmons
Simple Property Solutions LLC
Patti Sinclair
Pat & Tim Size
Teresa Ann Sizer
Maureen Skelton
Wendy Moore Skinner & Jim Skinner
Patricia Smith
Martin Smith & Mary Ellen Weller Smith
Lorraine & Dick Snyder
Patti & Mike Sobolewski
Terso Solutions
Chan & Dave Sommers
Dr. Paul M. & Sherie Sondel
South Bay Lounge, Inc.
South Central Federation of Labor
Shane Sparby
Deborah Ann Speckmann
Tommy Spicer
Barbara Spierer
Denise Spusta
St. John’s Lutheran Church
St. Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
Linda & Greg Stamm
Sheila Stamm
Sandra Stanfield
Stark Realty Hansen Home Team
Matt & Janie Starzewski
Anne & Steve Staton
Jonathan Steele
Kathleen Steele
Beth Oestreicher
Steffen & Scott Pichelman
Susan & Dan Stein
Gail and Gary Steingraber
Jules Wolf Stenzel
Stephanie Stoich
William Stephen
Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation
Jennifer & Kevin Stevens
Judy & Walt Stevenson
Mara Stewart
Eric Stickney
Sarah Stoehr
Susan & Robert Stoehr
Robert Stoffs
Stone House Development
Jeremy Strandberg
Ryan Strohm
Chan Stroman & John Roll
Doug & Beckie Strub
Sub Zero Wolf Foundation Inc.
Martin Sukup
Joseph Sullivan
Supporting Families Together Assoc.
Kim Sutter
SVA Certified Public Accountants
Sweet Orchard Outreach Ministries, Inc.
Adam & Michelle Sweet
Kent & Sarah Sweitzer
Laurie & Lee Swimm
SwimWest Swim School
Ann Szalkowski
Andrew Szymaszek
Ryan Taber
Brynn Taffolla
Tao Sangha
Healing Center
Rodney Tapp
Clara Tavarez
Cathy & Paul Taylor
William Taylor
Laura and Eric teDuits
Temple Beth El
Cynthia Terrill
Terso Solutions
Barbara Tesch & Mike Szulczewski
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