The Road Home

Donor Thank Yous

We are so grateful to the people in our community who make our work possible. We’d like to specifically thank:

Event Sponsors
Organizations Awarding Grants to The Road Home in 2019
  • 100 Men of Dane County
  • American Girl Fund for Children
  • Associated Bank
  • Attic Angel Association
  • Courtier Foundation
  • Cremer Foundation
  • CUNA Mutual Group Foundation
  • Dane Arts*
  • Day 1 Families Fund
  • Evjue Foundation
  • Jack DeLoss Taylor Charitable Trust
  • Madison Community Foundation
  • Madison Rotary Foundation
  • Madison South Rotary
  • Magic Pebble Foundation
  • Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation
  • The Cap Times Kids Fund
  • US Bank Foundation
  • UW Credit Union
  • Zonta Madison Foundation

*with additional funds from the Endres Mfg. Company Foundation, the Evjue Foundation, Inc., charitable arm of The Capital Times, the W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation, and the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation.

Capital Campaign Supporters
    • Anonymous
    • CUNA Mutual Group Foundation
    • Demco Foundation
    • Kathy and Tim Mazur
    • MGE Foundation
    • National Guardian Life Insurance Company
    • Dan & Patti Rashke (TASC) Family Foundation
    • Oscar Rennebohm Foundation
    • Cheryl Shult
    • Sekelsky Family
Special Thanks
Homes for Families Society Members

We’ve tried our best to include everyone but if you feel someone has been left off, or have questions, please contact Peggy Halloran by email at or by phone at 608-294-7998 ext. 311.

Sponsor a Home ($10,000 and above per year for five years)

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Lau and Bea Christensen Charitable Foundation
  • William and Jan DeAtley
  • Norma and Doug Madsen
  • Kathy and Tim Mazur
  • Dan and Patti Rashke (TASC) Family Foundation
  • Jay and Katie Sekelsky
  • Eric and Laura teDuits
  • Michael and Karin Victorson

Sponsor a Family ($5,000-$9,999 per year for five years)

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Diane Kay Ballweg
  • Beth and Gary Cutler
  • Diane Grove and Joseph Krupp
  • Hovde Foundation
  • Laura and Mike Huggett
  • Mary and Rich Lynch
  • Rotter Family Foundation
  • Stone House Development, Inc.
  • Dr. Jack Westman

Sponsor a Child ($1,000-$4,999 per year for five years)

  • Anonymous (19)
  • Jodi and Wayne Achterberg
  • Jennifer Alderman
  • Mary and Todd Argall
  • Richard Arneson
  • Ann and Craig Aswegan
  • Virginia Bartelt
  • Gregory and Nancy Beale
  • Nicole Bice
  • Brad and Madonna Binkowski
  • Phil and Kit Blake
  • Sue Broihahn
  • Mary Burke
  • Eliot Butler
  • Jane Carlson
  • Nancy and Shawn Carney
  • Joan and Paul Caskey
  • Scott Coward
  • Susan Crowson
  • Glenn Cushing and Clare Nichols
  • Kevin and Christine Dahlhauser
  • Greg Davis
  • Londa and Walter Dewey
  • Kristin Dewey and Mark Binkowski
  • Marjorie Di Maggio and Fred Lee
  • Cedric Ellis
  • Janet Embray
  • Tim and Christine Erickson
  • Barbara and Bill Feeney
  • Nancy Feingold
  • John and Coleen Flad
  • Jon and Tracy Frank
  • Katherine and Matthew Frank
  • Marianna Mayer Fuchs
  • Mary Gallagher
  • Cindy and Neil Gleason
  • Karen and Thomas Golden
  • Jim and Nancy Graham
  • Patrick and Trish Grant
  • Bridget and David Grauwels
  • Kristy and Paul Hanselman
  • Grace and Galen Hasler
  • Kimberly and Timothy Herlitzka
  • Stephen and Susan Hird
  • Gail Jacob and Henry Steinberger
  • Steve and Bobbie Jellinek
  • Drs. Jeff and Delinda Johnson
  • Lisa Kasin
  • Chris Kenyon
  • Scott and Tess Klug
  • Ken and Magda Kmiecik
  • Michael and Karen Knetter
  • Charlie and Deb Knudsen
  • Jeffery and Char Kuchenbecker
  • Scott and Suzanne Kuhn
  • Ann Lacy
  • Mark and Susan Landgraf
  • Dr. Gerald Lang and Maria Weber
  • Pat and Pam LeMire
  • Ted and Amy Lingard
  • Ellen Lindgren
  • Aaron and Kathryn Lindner
  • Jay and Janet Loewi
  • Joe Long
  • Amy and Mike Luebke
  • Grif and Mary Beth Madigan
  • Cheri and Karl Madsen
  • Mark and Deb Martin
  • Mark and Lynn Meloy
  • Petra Ressler and Sven Midelfort
  • Rodney and Patsy Miller
  • Mike and Nikki Moore
  • Jane Ellen and Steven Morgan
  • Linda and Kevin Mullane
  • Helene Nelson and James Arts
  • Amy Jo Nickles
  • Charles Oehler
  • Sona Olson
  • Kevin and Keely Oppermann
  • Nancy Pandhi
  • Park Bank
  • Jenna and Mike Piche
  • Trina Ploor
  • Jason and Heather Potter
  • Lee and Mary Powell
  • Sherry Reames
  • Stacey Riechers
  • Alisa and Ted Robertson
  • Steve and Laura Rose
  • Leonard Ross
  • Catherine and Ron Rotter
  • Nancy Rottier and Gary Goyke
  • Brian Rucinski and Christiane Keller Rucinski
  • Kristin Rucinski and Sarah Gillmore
  • Thomas and Janice Rucinski
  • Linda and Todd Schaack
  • Nan Schaefer
  • Carrie and John Scherpelz
  • John and Linda Schilling
  • Mike and Mary Schlageter
  • Monica Schraml
  • Jill and Jerry Sielaff
  • Greg and Kay Simmons
  • Pat and Tim Size
  • James and Liz Slager
  • Mike and Patti Sobolewski
  • David and Jennifer Stein
  • Dr. James Stein
  • Chan Stroman and John Roll
  • Doug and Beckie Strub
  • Jeff and Tara Swalve
  • Adam and Michelle Sweet
  • Rodney Tapp
  • Barbara Tesch and Mike Szulczewski
  • Barbara Jill Thomas
  • Tom and Kit Thomsen
  • Barbara Tomaschy
  • Dan and Jessica Wang
  • Ann Wenzel
  • Charlie and Crystal Wills
  • Sally and David Wolff
  • Diane Vollrath
  • City of Madison Community Development Division
  • Dane County Human Services
  • United Way of Dane County
2018 Donors
We’ve tried our best to include everyone but if you feel someone has been left off, or have questions, please contact Peggy Halloran by email at or by phone at 608-294-7998 ext. 311.
A Fund for Women
Nancy Abraham
Andrew Abrams
Betsy Abramson & David Seligman
Bonnie Ackerman
Suzanne Adler
Scott Adrian
Leslie Affeldt
AFSCME Retirees, Subchapter 52
Cokie Albrecht
Jennifer Alderman
C. Dwight Allen
Meggan Allen
Alliant Energy Foundation
Paula & Robert Alt
Alterra Design Homes
Sara & Carlos Alvarado
Alvarado Real Estate Group
Kathryn A Ambelang
American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation
American Girl Children’s Fund
Mary Amundson
Karla & Josef Anderegg
David Anders
Claus Andersen
Gordon Anderson
Kim Anderson
Paul Anderson
Janice Anderzon
Anne Flaherty Angel
Teri & Nicholas Angell
Ann Cardinale Real Estate, LLC
Jill Annis
Gary & Martha Taylor Antoniewicz
Steve Brown Apartments
Deborah Archer
John & Barbara Armitage
Sylvia & Larry Poppelbaum
AFSCME Retirees
Associated Bank
Dave Babler
Brenda Bach
Yuqing Bai
Becky Bains
Jameson Bair
Norman Bair
Baird Foundation
Diane Kay Ballweg
Ray Bandziulis
Mark Bangsberg
Dennis Barber
Tom Barrett
Mary Ellen Bates
Julie Bauer
Matthew Bauer
Patrick Baumer
Carousel Bayrd & Tim Sobota
Sharon Beall
Elinor Beck
Casey Becker
Joanne Becker
Leigh & Michael Becker
Marnie Beebe
Christopher Beedle
Anne Beerman
Ryan E Behling
Ann Behrmann
Annie Beier
Jeff Bellile
Lawrence & Janice Bensky
Jaime Benton
Susanne Benton
Kenneth Berg
Sue Berg
Harold Bergan & M. Susan Hundt-Bergan
Linda & Niles Berman
Darlene & Bill Berry
Elizabeth Berry and Mike Hendrickson
Mary Berry
Rev. Peter & Valerie Besenbruch
Louis Bessemer
Bethany United Methodist Church
Paula Beyer
Akshaya Bhaksar
Jennifer Black
Blackhawk Church
Jean & Dennis Blackmore
Katherine & Phil Blake
Mary Blanchard
Lauren Blough
Evelyn Blum
Nancy Blum
Zach Blumenfeld
BMO Harris Bank
Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation
Julie Bockheim
Richard Bolton & Sandra Tarver
Sandra Bonnici
Ginny & James Bormett
Karen Bosold
Fredi-Ellen Bove
Claire Box
Tucker & Carmen Boyd
Homer Braden
Eileen Bradley
Laura Bradley
Frederick Brancel & Mary Litwiller
Dena Brandt
Sharon Brantmeier
Liz Braun
Margaret N Brennan
Mary Kay Briggs
Broihahn Management & Consulting, LLC
Chloe Brown
Mary E Brown
Rica Bruinsma
Jason Bruner
Kristine Bruns
Reg Bruskewitz
Renae & Jim Buchheim
Barbara Copeland Buenger
Mark & Sally Buffat
Adriane Bullock
Angela Buongiorno
Anna & Andy Burish
Burke Lutheran Church
Kathryn and Dennis Burke
Mary Burke
Harriette Burkhalter
Kait Burrier
Emma Burton
Robert & Betty Bush
Julie Buss
Tiffany and John Calder
Ann Camillo
Caleb Campbell
Stacey Caplan
Bart Caponi
Rosemarie Carbino
Caritas Foundation
Shawn & Nancy Carney
Michael Carr
Samantha Carroll & Dan Schally
Polly Carter
Andrea & John Carvin
John Cassidy
Ann Catlett
CDW Corporation Employee Giving
Bob & Kris Ceder
Alicia S Chaney
Larry Charme, MD
Children’s Dental Center
Jessie Chmell
Joshua Chover
Christ Presbyterian Church
Eric Christiansen
Maggi Christianson & Jeff Carroll
Lau & Bea Christensen Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Ying-Hsia Chu
City Employees Local 236
Heather Clefisch & Nathan Zolik
Katie ClementiVicki Cocalis
Diana Cohen & Weselley Slaymaker
Colony Brands Foundation
Margaret & Michael Coluccy
Lee Columbus
Joanne Conger
Alane Conn
Andrea Conrad
Jane Considine
Mark Consigny
Robert Conway
Cooksville Lutheran Church
James & Jane Corkery
Lauren Couillard
Courtier Foundation
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Sarah Covington
Scott Coward
Jean Cowden
John & Vicky Coyne
Judith Craig
Martha Cranley & Larry Martin
Matthew Cranney
Joyce Crim
James Crist & Mary Bird Crist
Diana Cross
M Susan Crowson
CUNA Mutual Group Foundation
Nick & Rebecca Curran
Paul Curtis
Kathy Curtner
Beth & Gary Cutler
George Cutlip
Charles and Kathryn Czuprynski
Kim Daggett
Christine & Kevin Dahlhauser
Dale Heights Presbyterian Church
Gordon Dale
Douglas & Carol Dalton
Nancy Mairs Daly
Dan & Patti Rashke (TASC) Family Foundation
David Daniel
Kumkum Datta
Richard & Susan Davidson
Wynn Davies
Angela Davis
Greg & Karen Davis
Jennifer & Kirkland Davis
Nancy Davis
Rev. James & Edith Davison
Brandon Day
Cristina Daza
Heather Dean
Tim Dean and Susan Hagness
William & Jan DeAtley
Frances DeGraff
Benjamin & Terri Deist
Emily & Ankur Desai
DeShawn Witter
Beth Dettman
Neal Deunk
Deus Vult LLC
Roland & Simone DeVore
Gene & Beatrice Dewey
Kristin Dewey
Londa & Walter Dewey
Barry DeZonia
M. Michael & Carla Di Iorio
George Diak
Harold Diaz
Emily Dickmann & Thomas Kuplic
Karla & William Dickmeyer
Rev. Joel & Geraldine Diemer
Joyce & Steve Dieter
Thomas Dietz
Ellen Dinsmore
Cari & Stephen DiTullio
Chris Dodge
Caroline & Ronald Doersch
Brian Donarski
Jason Dorgan
John & Mary Doskocil
Phyllis Dresser
Pam Duane
Charles Dufresne
Shayla Dvorak
John Dyar
Eagle School of Madison
Juanita Ebert
John Ehringer
Molly Eiden
Rhonda Elmer
Janet Embray
Employee Benefits Corporation
Bill Engber
Marjorie Engelman
Josh & Julie Enslin
Entercom Madison LLC
Epic Systems Corporation
Natalie & Dan Erdman
Christine & Tim Erickson
Pamela & Howard Erlanger
Henk & ilse Esveld
Judith Ettinger
Danielle Fabian
Andrea Fackrell
Kayla Fargo
Cera & Nick Fass
Cheryl Fedje
Barbara & Bill Feeney
Marilyn Feil & Mike McCabe
G. Donald & Myra Ferree
Amy & Marty Fields
David Fields
Mary Fiorenza
First Baptist Church
First Business Bank
First Congregational United Church of Christ
First Weber Group Foundation, Inc.
Brigitte Fisch
Scott & Krista Flanagan
Lisa & Marshall Flax
Dondieneita Fleary-Simmons
Susan & John Flickinger
Anne Forbes
Annie Forest
Pamela Fornell & Spencer Black
The Fowler Company LLC
Veronica & David Franchino
Frank Beverage Group
John Franz
Jim & Ellen Franzone
Jessica & Peter Friedericks
Laura Frisque
Josh Fritsche
Bridgette Frommell
Diane & Richard Fronek
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Fuguitt
Mary Fulton & Steve Koslov
Patricia & John Gadow
Katie and Fabio Gaertner
Dorothy Gasner
Gary & Pam Gates
Sherrie Gates-Hendrix & Douglas Hendrix
Erica & Mark Gehrig
Geneva Campus Church
Jason Gennaro
Clarice Gensch
Sharon George
Ann Pape Gerardi
Meghan Gilbert
Tami Gilbertson
Cindy & Greg Gillis
Karen Gipp
Norris & Sandra Glick
Kingsley & Melissa Gobourne
Erin & Terrence Goeldner
Karen & Norman Goeschko
Paul & Dolores Gohdes
Kellye Golden
Thomas & Karen Golden
Cherie Gon
Laura Good
Glen Gordon
Alice Gould
Gordon & Anne Govier
Rachel Govin
Janice Grant & Bob Martin
The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.
Mike Greenheck
Mary Dianne Greenley
Patrick Grillot
Jill Groblewski
Sheldon Gross & Vicki Berenson
Diana Grove & Joseph Krupp
Emily Gruenewald
Dave Grundgeiger
Eric and Theresa Guelker
Gundlach Family Fund of Messiah Lutheran Church
Gary Gundlach
Michael Gustafson
Cheryl Guthrie-Swarztrauber
Robert Gwynne
Nathaniel Haack
John & Heather Hagen
Jason Hagenow & Marissa Burack
Lisa Hajek
Jacob Hale
Linda Hall
Wayne Hall
Peggy Halloran
Hamacher Lawn Care Services
Chris Hamacher
Aaron & Jessica Hamill
Jason Hampton
Jonathan Handali
Wade Hanna
Eric Hansen
Ross Hansen
Kristene Harmel
Stephanie Harrill
Liese Harter
Amy Hartlieb
Crystal Hartwick
Nancy & Tom Harvey
Tracy Harvey
Lauren Hasselbacher and Justin Nillis
Heather & Andrew Kearns
Kathryn Heilman
Matt Heilman
Jean & Jerome Heinrichs
Natalie & Edd Hellmer
Mara Helmke
Robin Helmstadter
Janet Hendricks
Chris Hendrickson
Laura Hendrickson
Mary and Alan Hendrickson
Susan Henning
Gretchen Henricks
Phyllis Henshue
Kim & Timothy Herlitzka
Steve Herrick
Vicky & David Hestad
Barb & Jim Hill
Ryan Hill
Sean Hilty
Beth Ringgenberg & Judith Hoard
Katherine Hoel
Chris Hoffman
Jo Hoffman
Lisa Hoffman
Jed Hohlbein
Cari Anne Hoiby
Michelle Hoke
Carol M. Holden
Kimberly Holdener
Laurel Holgerson
Anamika Holke
Lillian Holman
Ralph & Karen Holmes
Carol and James Holmquist
Steve Honerlaw
Harvey Honig & Jean Scott-Honig
Leah Horowitz
Charles Housner
Rachel Howard
Leslie Albrecht Huber & George Huber
Mark Huber
Hannah Huffman
Jenny & Adam Huffman
Ryan Huffnagle
Laura & Mike Huggett
David Hughes
Heidi Hughes
Peter Hughes & Mary-Beth Rolland
Lisa Humenik
Steve Hunter
Jason Ilstrup
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Ellen Irish
Diane D. Iverson
Jason Iverson
Jack DeLoss Taylor Charitable Trust
Ralph & Marie Jackson
Dr. Paul and Carol Lynne Jacobsen
Jonathan Jaffery & Stacy Cohen
Deon Jaye
Bobbie & Steve Jellinek
Dean Jenson
Kristin Groth & Ed Jepsen
Valerie Johnson Renk
April Johnson
Drs. DeLinda and Jeff Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Phillip & Suzan Johnson
Richard & Adelle Johnson
Mary & Josh Johnston
Bobbi Jones
Rosemary & Lee Jones
Tom Jones
Leia Jordan
Judy Jorgensen
Matthew Julian
Chris Julson & Mike Franke
Beth Junge
Michael Kafka
David & Donna Kallstrom
Jeelani Kamal
Thomas Kanies
Murray Kapell
Sarah Karls
Trudy Karlson
Jesse Kehres
Kristin & Brian Kellerman
Steve Kelley
Susan Kelso
Leland & Arlys Kempf
Debora Kennedy
Paul Kent
Peggy Kent
Chris Kenyon
Mary Beth Keppel
Zach Ketterhagen
Kettle Moraine 100
Mary Rose Kieler
Mike Kiffel
Jessica Killingbeck
James & Deborah Kinder
Alden King
Cheri King
Kevin King
Todd Kinsman & Ravi Manghnani
Dennis Kistner
Darren Kittleson & Devery Cash
Jennifer Klippel
Letha Kloberdanz
Scott & Tess Klug
Magda & Ken Kmiecik
Lorna Kniaz
Deb & Charlie Knudsen
Darcy Kobinsky
Elizabeth Kohl
Kara Koonce
Torri Kopp-Mueller
Beth Korth
Koy Kosek
Nancy & Andrew Kosseff
Kramer, Elkins and Watt, LLC
Peter Kraus
Margie & Thomas Krauskopf
Rachel Krinsky & Scott Titus
Edward Krinsky
Jamie & David Pekarek Krohn
Josh Krowiorz
Michael Kusch
Atsuko Kusuda
Janet Kyle
The La Centra-Sumerlin Foundation
Scott & Kristy Lai
Lake Edge Lutheran Church
Lake Edge United Church of Christ
Al & Donna Larson
Amy Larson
Janet Laube
Jamie Leaveck
Drs. Marjorie Dimaggio & Fred Lee, Jr.
James & Rose Lehnherr
Kayla Leibfried
Karen Lenoch
Jim Lerdahl
Sarah Lesar
Derek Levin
Chris Leyda
Stacy Lieb
Laura Liebe
Allen & Joan Liegel
Life Is Christ
Sarah Lim
Greta J. Lindberg
Michell & Warren Linden
Aaron Lindner
Ruth & David Lindorff
Charlotte Lindstrom
Diane Linn
Madison Investment Advisors, LLC
John Lockwood
Helen Lodge
Jay & Janet Loewi
David Logan
Nick Lombardino
Willis Long
Allison Look
Amy & Eric Lord
Rev. Douglas & Mary Loving
Joni & Tom Lownik
Maria Lubick
Janet & John Lubniewski
Margaret Luby
Joseph Lucas
Barbara Luedke
Peter & Jill Lundberg
Rose Lundberg
Luther Memorial Church
Lutheran Church of the Living Christ
Judith Lyons
Pauline Maciolek
Madison Community Foundation
Madison Gas & Electric Foundation, Inc.
Madison Magnet
Madison Mennonite Church
Madison Rotary Foundation
Madison South Rotary Foundation
Church Women United in Madison
Brian Madonia
Norma & Douglas Madsen
Magic Pebble Foundation
Florencia Mallon & Steve Stern
Mary Malone
Erin Mansour
Mary Markwardt
J. Laird Marshall & Alice D’Alessio
Jeanne Marshall
Doris Marten
Denise Martin
Jessica Martin
Mark & Debbie Martin
Ruth & Robert Martin
Roger & Diane Marty
Rich Marvin
Jeannie & Jason Marx
Pamela Mason
Benjamin Mathers
Michael Mathews & Sarah Smith
John & Carol Mathis
Amy & Jon Matsumura
Carolyn Mattern
Helen and Jeffrey Mattox
Karen Mayeshiba
Kathy & Timothy Mazur
Gordon & Janet McChesney
Brian McCormick
Colleen McCormick
Nancy McCulley
Thomas McGinniss
Hildegarde McGown
Mary Alice McGreevy
Sarah McKittrick
Julia McMurray
Cary & Brenda McNatt
Steven McQuin
Cindy and John Mehl
Edward Meier
Leigh Meier-Blatter & Steve Blatter
Rachelle Melms
Barb Meriggioli
Steven Merry
Messiah Lutheran Church
Paul & Ruth Meyer
Erica Meylor
Linda Michael
Ross & Beth Michaels
Neil Michek
Kelsey Michels
Middleton Community Church
Midvale Community Lutheran Church
Desiree Miklusicak
William Milhans
Chris Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Georgia and Gerold Miller
Mark Miller
Patsy & Rodney Miller
Karen Mills
Jocelyn Milner & Mark Ediger
Jan & Bill Minardi
Ken Minor
Barry & Irene Mirkin
Monona United Methodist Church
Vickie & Richard Moon
Dan & Elizabeth O’Callaghan
Patrick & Susanna Mooney
Mike & Nikki Moore
Sarah & Miles Morgan
Ronald Morse
Erin Moss
Darrin Most
Mount Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church
Timothy Mueller
Brady Murphy
Jackie Murphy
Andrea Musher
Ann Myers
Abigail Nadler
Steven Nadler
National Guardian Life Insurance Co.
Naviant, Inc.
Dorothea Nazos
Georgiana Nazos
Barbara Nelson
Beverly & Gerald Nelson
Brenda Nelson
Darilee Nelson
Frederick & Dolores Nelson
Helene Nelson & James Arts
Paul Nelson & Jane Lewis
Jolen Neumann
Rachel Neumann
Tami Newman
Anthony Nicholas
Arthur Nicholas
Teresa & Bob Nicholas
Amy Jo & Jerry Nickles
Robert & Nancy Nikolay
Danielle Noble
Marie Nordeng
Jane & John Norman
Arlene Norris
Stacey & Tyler Novogoratz
Erica and Michael Nowicki
Julia Nowicki
Michael and Erica Nowicki
Numbers 4 Nonprofits
Heather Nussbaum
Oaks Trust DTD
Oakwood Foundation, Inc.
Old National Bank Foundation
Todd & Catherine Olson
Gwen Olson
Peter Oppeneer & Lawrie Kobza
Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ
Oscar Rennebohm Foundation, Inc.
Sarah Ouk
Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish
Bill & Kathleen Owens
Lesly Oxley
Park Bank
Linda Passaglia
Victoria Paulson
Wayne & Nancy Paulson
Paula M Pearce
Adeline Peck & A. J. Greisen
Natalie Peck
Cathy & Paul Peercy
Zach & Noelle Penshorn
Zach Penshorn
People’s United Methodist Church
Perennial Yoga Studio
Gayle Perlberg
Ralph Petersen & Helen Horn
Sandy Peterson
Petros Petridis
Fran Pfefferkorn
Jacob Pfeiffer
Jill Pfeiffer
Carolyn Pflasterer
Molly & Tim Philosophos
Jenna & Mike Piche
Stephen & Rita Pieroni
Judith Pierotti
Elizabeth Pinkerton
Sandy Pinkerton
Heather Pinske
Phyllis & John Pleuss
Molly Plunkett
Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ
Jeffrey Poirier
William Pope
Joshua Port
Barbara Porter-Quam
James & Peggy Possin
Paula Possin
Robin Potter
Gary Poulson
Lisa & Steve Powell
Mary & Lee Powell
Lori Power
Nancy Pozgay
Indu Prakash
Laura President-Seeley
Teri Pryce
LuAnn Quella
Liz Quinn
John & Lorelle Raihala
Wendy Rakower & Warren Buckles
Cory Rammer
Teresa and Scott Rankin
Real Estate 608 LLC
Mary Ann & Richard Reale
Realtors Assn. of SC WI, Inc.
Nicholas Reback
Cory Recknor
Red Arrow Advertising & Guide Service
Claire Ann Resop
Pilar Reyes
Josann Reynolds
Kay Reynolds
Linette Rhodes
Belinda Richardson & Ricardo Thomas
Felix & Kristin Richgels
Melba Rick
Lisa Rieck
Dr. Gary & Judy Ries
Paula Riesch
Brett & Julie Rimkus
Sara Roberts
Janet Robertson
Celeste Robins
Rockefeller Family Fund, Inc.
Barb Roeber & Larry Black
Mary Roed
Jack & Ann Rogan
Lara Romine
Charles Romstad
Lisa Rondini
Chris Rosborough
Laura & Steve Rose
Carol Ross
Leonard Ross
Michael Ross
Lois & Richard Rossmiller
Rotter Family Foundation
Catherine & Ron Rotter
Kristin Rucinski
Kristine Rucinski
Thomas & Janice Rucinski
Amy Ruehlow
Catherine Runnels
Mary Ruppert
Missey Russell
Richard Russell
Sarah Ruth
Jack & Sarah Salzwedel
Peter Sammataro
Elizabeth Sammis
Gabrielle Sanchez
Pablo & Kathryn Sanchez
Ben Sandee & Liz Jesse
Nick Sander
Renee Sandler
Sarah & Ben Bilitz
Caitlin Scarborough
Linda & Todd Schaack
Nancy & Bob Schaefer
Kristin Scheible
Angie Schenk
Suzanne & James Scheuerman
Joy Schleusner
Gary & Kris Schmuhl
Robin Schnake
Sheri L Schneeberg
Tyson & Elizabeth Schroeckenthaler
Elizabeth Schuldt
Cheryl Shult
Emmett & Mary Ann Schulte
Nancy & Richard Schultz
Elizabeth Schuster
Rebecca Schwei
Betty Scott
Jay & Katie Sekelsky
Travis & Lauren Serebin
Kasie Setterlund
Jennifer Shaub
BRobert Shaver
Nadav & Miriam Shelef
Kenneth Sherman
Tricia Shields
Michael & Nancy Shinners
Richard Shropshire
Marilisa Sieczkowski
Sara Siegmann
Jeanne & Joseph Silverberg
Lynn Silverman
Greg & Kay Simmons
Andi & Jeff Simmons
Kathryn Singh
Pat & Tim Size
Teresa Ann Sizer
Jeremy Skalitzky
Maureen Skelton
Wendy Moore Skinner & Jim Skinner
Elizabeth Skolaski
Elizabeth & James Slager
Karine Sloan
Neal & Diane Smith
R. Martin Smith & Mary Ellen Weller Smith
Todd Smith
Tricia & Everett Smith
Patti & Mike Sobolewski
Terso Solutions
Chan & Dave Sommers
Dr. Paul M. & Sherie Sondel
Helen Song
Envelope Salutation
Lisa & Bill Sotis
Deborah Ann Speckmann
Sue Sprecher
Denise Spusta
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Jessica St. Clair
Pastor Roger Eigenfeld
St. Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
Ashley Staley
Ralph & Debbie Stamler
Linda & Greg Stamm
Sandra Stanfield
Janie & Matt Starzewski
Anne & Steve Staton
David & Jennifer Stein
Susan & Dan Stein
Melissa Stenger
Stephanie Stoich
Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation
Judy & Walt Stevenson
Jim Stiener
Nancy Stoddard
Sarah Stoehr
Susan & Robert Stoehr
Robert Stoffs
Jim & Linda Stolzenburg
Stone House Development
Stephanie Stone
Susan Stone
Jeremy Strandberg
Galen Strebe
Jen Streit
Sara Strom Janowski
Chan Stroman & John Roll
Doug & Beckie Strub
Nicole & Kurt Studt
Sub Zero Wolf Foundation Inc.
Yvonne Subak
Sullivan designBUILD
Cathy Sullivan
Deanna Sutcliffe-Heller & Stan Heller
Kent Sutherland
Larry & Linda Svanda
Jeff & Tara Swalve
Mark & Mary Swandby
Julie Swartzmiller
Mary Sweeney
Sweet Orchard Outreach Ministries, Inc.
Adam & Michelle Sweet
Sarah & Kent Sweitzer
Deanne Swenson
Cathy & Paul Taylor
Laura and Eric teDuits
Temple Beth El
Terso Solutions
The Capital Times Kids Fund, Inc.
The Evjue Foundation, Inc.
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Andrea & Tyler Thomas
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Ingrid Thompson
Thomas & Christine Thomsen
Amy Stoehr Thorbahn
Kevin Thusius
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Titus Talent Strategies
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David & Marian Torkelson
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United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley
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Waterstone Mortgage Corp.
Waukesha County Community Foundation/Thompson Family Foundation
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