The Road Home


Congregations have always been important to our work at The Road Home. Learn how your congregation can partner with us to make a difference for families who have experienced homelessness in our community.

Long-term partnerships with congregations throughout Dane County have always been central to our programs. For many years, volunteers from partner congregations formed the backbone of our Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) shelter program. Although we no longer run a shelter program, congregations continue to play a critical role in making a difference for families in our community who have experienced homelessness.

There are two main ways for congregations to partner with us. One is to be part of our monthly congregation teams. The other is to provide meals at Healing House.

Monthly Congregation Teams

One way your congregation can make a difference for families who have experienced homelessness in our community is by joining a congregation team.

Monthly Team Responsibilities. During your congregation’s assigned month, we would love to have your help with a number of tasks. These could include:

*Recruiting volunteers to help plan and organize our monthly family gatherings for families in our housing programs.

*Organizing and conducting a wish list drive to gather some of our most needed items to be distributed to families moving into housing.

*Sharing the mission of The Road Home by including stories in your newsletter, inviting us to present or finding other ways to build awareness of the issue of family homelessness in Dane County.

You can find more ideas and examples of how your congregation might volunteer here. Keep in mind that our volunteer needs will look a little different each month.

The Process. Each congregation has a Congregation Ambassador that serves as the point of contact between The Road Home and her or his congregation. One month before your team’s assigned month, The Road Home Volunteer Manager will contact the Congregation Ambassadors from the assigned teams with a list of known volunteer opportunities during their month and a link to the SignUpGenius. Ambassadors will send these out to their congregation members who can then sign up for specific volunteer opportunities. Once an individual has signed up on the SignUpGenius, we will communicate directly with her or him about responsibilities and with reminders. If the slots haven’t filled, we will open up the SignUpGenius to others, including those who have signed up individually to volunteer. At the end of month, we will provide a list of volunteers from that month to the Congregational Ambassadors so that they will know who volunteered during their month.

Providing Meals at Healing House

Another way for congregations to make a difference for families who have experienced homelessness in our community is by providing meals at Healing House. Healing House is an eight-bed recuperative care facility that provides a safe place for homeless families when someone needs to prepare for or recover from a medical procedure, childbirth, hospitalization or something similar. Learn more about Healing House here.

Get Started

If your congregation would like more information or is ready to get involved, please contact our community engagement team member Kyle VonRuden at .

As always, individuals are welcome to volunteer on their own even if they are not associated with a partner congregation. Available volunteer opportunities for individuals and families are listed here. In most cases, we will fit individuals into the model outlined below. There will also continue to be limited opportunities for other groups to participate in one-time projects.