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Learn more about how The Road Home is making a difference for families in our community.

Persistence Pays Off at Tree Lane (Channel 3000, March 24, 2019)
Difficult problems like housing shortages and health care needs require commitment, patience and persistence. With Tree Lane, this persistence – along with smart partnerships with groups like The Road Home – is making a a difference.

In a Good Place: City Leaders Report Improvements at Tree Lane Apartments (The Cap Times, March 21, 2019)
The City of Madison attributes the success to increased funding, change in security management and partnership with The Road Home.

The Road Home: Focusing on Housing Solutions for Families (Home Elements and Concepts, May 2018)
No family ever plans to become homeless, and no mother ever envisions her children having no place to sleep. The Road Home Dane County, which focuses on families with children experiencing homelessness, often comes across families in these situations. Utilizing housing assistance and supportive services, The Road Home helps them find stability again.

Hope for the Homeless in Madison (Madison MKOW, March 2018)
The Road Home closes its shelter after 19 years as family homelessness numbers decline. The Road Home will continue to focus their energy on housing, the solution to homelessness, as they partner with other agencies in the community who will continue to provide housing.

Education Specialist Qiana Holmes-Abanukam Wants to ‘Plant a Seed’ in Homeless Youth (The Cap Times, July 2017)
In her newly created educational specialist position at The Road Home, Qiana Homes-Abanukam helps families navigate the education system as effectively as possible by connecting to them resources, attending meetings when parents can’t make it, advocating for them and letting kids know she believe in and supports them.

Off the Streets: How Three Formerly Homeless People Got Into Housing (Wisconsin State Journal, Sept 2016)
Bianca Whitfield and her two young daughters spent about a year and a half homeless until she got into the Truax Apartment Project and received support from a case manager from The Road Home.

Homelessness: The Long Road Home (Madison Magazine, February 2016)
After years of being part of the “regular homeless,” Shamiaa Stewart turned to The Road Home to find a path back to stability. The article dives into the housing problems in Madison and the factors shaping homelessness.

A New Plan to Fight Homelessness: Push for Collaborative, Cooperative Approach Shows Promise (Isthmus, July 2015)
Gina Watanabe and her three children spent a year without a home—sleeping on friend’s floors, in their car, or anywhere else they could find until she stumbled across The Road Home’s shelter and got placed in one of their housing programs.