The Road Home

School Supply Donations

Your donations of school supplies can help children transitioning from homelessness into our supportive housing programs to be successful.

You can help children in our community who have experienced homelessness start school ready to learn. Each year, The Road Home collects backpacks and school supplies for children in our housing programs and passes them at our annual Families Moving Forward Celebration event that will take place on August 3 this year. Last year we passed out 400 backpacks. Because we are providing interim services to Tree Lane Apartments, we have even more children who need our help this year.

This is a great activity for businesses, congregations, book clubs or other groups. Please contact Peggy Halloran at before getting started for size of backpacks and items needed. To maximize efficiency, fully assembled backpacks work best. Please note that we are only accepting backpack donations until July 31 since we don’t have storage space to keep backpacks until next year.

Monetary donations are also always appreciated and can be used to purchase needed items. Because of our partnerships, a donation of even $20 can purchase a backpack or many of the school supplies that go in a backpack.

Thank you for your support!