Gonna Make a Home

Download "Gonna Make a Home" (MP3) written and performed by Stuart Stotts along with Madison Youth Choirs.

Gonna Make a Home

For IHN and MYC

Put one block on top of another.
Gonna’ make a home for our sisters and brothers.
No matter what your home’s made of.
Hold it all together with hope and love.
Hold it all together with hope and love.

A place that’s comfy and cozy.
Warm for your fingers and tosies.
Though everything might not be rosy,
You belong
It makes you strong.

Where lovely people will feed you,
Not just because they agreed to.
You need them and they need you.
It’s a home for you -
A place that’s true.

It’s not just the walls that surround you.
It’s the people you find and who found you.
Who raise you up and who ground you.
It’s because
They show their love.

You don’t need a roadmap.
Just hop in your momma’s soft lap.
When you’re taking a warm nap,
Let it all go
‘cause you’re home.

© Stuart Stotts 2007

about the road home

The Road Home Mission Statement

The Road Home Dane County provides opportunities for homeless children and their families to achieve self-determined goals and affordable, stable housing.

The Road Home History

After two years of work by a core group of religious leaders and shelter providers, The Road Home Dane County (then known as Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Madison Area) opened our doors on April 26th, 1999 as an overflow shelter for families who could not be served by the existing shelters.  Since that time, we have expanded to providing eight more programs that assist families in moving to stable housing and other successes.  The Road Home currently serves about 150 homeless families with children each year in Dane County. 

2014 marked The Road Home's 15th anniversary.

The Road Home's brochure in Spanish


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