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Looking Closer at Dane County Evictions

With more media coverage of evictions the last few years, have you wondered about the issue in our community? At The Road Home, it’s something…

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What Tax Code Changes Mean for Your Charitable Giving

All the talk about the changes in the tax code probably has you wondering: what do these changes mean for me? And: how can I…

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Family Homelessness Declines

  The problem of homelessness can be discouraging. But new data shows that we are making a difference: homelessness is on the decline nationally and…

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Making a Difference for Education

The statistics on academic success for homeless children tell a bleak story. When we interact with kids like Jane though, we know stories don’t have…

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Making Volunteering a Family Affair

Did you know that the more people volunteer the happier they are?  By volunteering at The Road Home, families like the Fackrells are reaping the…

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Affording Housing: An Inside Look at Dane County

Here’s an inside look at how much a family needs to earn to afford housing in our community—and how our programs fill in the gaps. …

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