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Category: Facts and Stats

What Tax Code Changes Mean for Your Charitable Giving

All the talk about the changes in the tax code probably has you wondering: what do these changes mean for me? And: how can I…

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Family Homelessness Declines

  The problem of homelessness can be discouraging. But new data shows that we are making a difference: homelessness is on the decline nationally and…

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Making a Difference for Education

The statistics on academic success for homeless children tell a bleak story. When we interact with kids like Jane though, we know stories don’t have…

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Making Volunteering a Family Affair

Did you know that the more people volunteer the happier they are?  By volunteering at The Road Home, families like the Fackrells are reaping the…

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Affording Housing: An Inside Look at Dane County

Here’s an inside look at how much a family needs to earn to afford housing in our community—and how our programs fill in the gaps. …

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