The Road Home

Finding Hope: Amarah Hanson’s Journey

woman holding a flower

Amarah Hanson’s journey is a testament to resilience, shaped by challenges familiar to many facing homelessness in Wisconsin. Despite growing up in difficult circumstances, Hanson’s early experiences instilled in her a deep understanding of hardship. Despite her best efforts to stay afloat in Milwaukee, a series of setbacks led her back to the familiar struggle of homelessness.

Living out of an SUV with her boyfriend and three children, Hanson navigated the complexities of urban life, seeking stability amidst limited shelter options. Nights spent in the backseat were a reminder of past struggles, yet she clung to hope, determined to rewrite her story.

In her darkest hour, Hanson’s call for help led her to the Salvation Army and, eventually, to Madison, where she found The Road Home.

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