The Road Home

Partnership with The Playing Field Helps Families

Our partnership with The Playing Field, a child care center on the east side of Madison, allows families at Fair Oaks Apartments to receive more holistic services.

Last year, The Road Home worked with Stone House Development, Inc. to open Fair Oaks Apartments, an affordable housing development that includes eight, three-bedroom apartments for families exiting homelessness. With funding from United Way of Dane County, we were also able to formalize a partnership with The Playing Field, a child care center that was expanding to create a new early learning center on the east side of Madison. Children who live at Fair Oaks are able to attend child care at The Playing Field at no cost. Meanwhile, The Road Home works with parents to remove barriers to stable housing, find employment and reach their other goals.  

“If there is something we can’t provide through The Playing Field, we can reach out to our partners at The Road Home to offer more holistic support,” said Mykenzie Lemberger, Program Director of The Playing Field East. “Families are receiving ongoing support from multiple systems after going through such a traumatic experience as homelessness. Our classroom staff provides children with a safe, stable environment and secure attachments to buffer early adversity while staff at The Road Home can offer adult family members the needed support and resources. We are all in this together and the partnership between families, The Road Home and The Playing Field is a perfect example of the successes we can have as a community when we all collaborate.”

One family that has benefitted from this partnership is Candice* and her three young daughters. “The girls absolutely love daycare, ” Candice said. “Mariah* (age 5) knows the teachers’ names. She remembered them quickly. She loves doing activities as she would in school. Maria* (age 2.5) is just happy to be with other kids. She enjoys the experience. It was her first time being away from us and she has had no issues! Mariana* (age 1.5) cries on certain days when getting dropped off. She has built a connection with the teachers and isn’t afraid of leaving my side. She enjoys the company of the other children. I appreciate all the care and love they give my girls!”

We look forward to continuing to work with The Playing Field to help families with children who have experienced homelessness be successful.