The Road Home

Why We Give: Degnan Design-Build-Remodel

I’m Abe Degnan, the owner of Degnan Design – Build – Remodel. We help people change their lives and solve their problems by remodeling their homes. We’re really well known for the integration of our design and our construction because we have both those in-house, with full-time employees doing the work and building relationships with the clients
we work for.

Housing is such an important thing and it really sets the stage for a stable life for people. It is really important that The Road Home helps people not only to have a place to live but also helps them with the whole process of changing their life so they’re able to sustain and support themselves on their own. Rather than being reliant on other assistance, this sets people up so that they are able to thrive. It’s important to me to help families move from homelessness to housing because it’s an issue of pride, and it’s an issue of comfort, and stability. Those things go together in order to provide people with a sense of self-worth and help them establish their lives in terms of working, stability, school, and a future for their kids. I’m blessed that I have always had a home, but I’m
also an adoptive parent. Three of my kids lived in an orphanage, so I can barely understand part of their life, and yet I know exactly the difficulties that creates. While we no longer have orphanages here in America, we have plenty of issues with homelessness.

I’ve heard about The Road Home on and off for ages, but it wasn’t until my friend Jesi hosted a fundraiser for The Road Home that I really found out exactly what they do and how much more that they do for the community. When I discovered just how much was involved with setting people up for their future, I knew it was something I also wanted to be involved in — to help families move from homelessness into stability. As a business owner, I think that we have a duty to give back to the community and we have a duty to help people in need. And the thing about it is that when we help people, we’re setting ourselves up as businesses for success, and we’re setting up for the future. We’re strengthening the already tight labor force. When a family is supported, the adult is on track to be a great employee and we’re helping the children grow into stable adults who hopefully will never experience homelessness again and will learn the skills and coping mechanisms they need to be successful. They will see their parents be able to go to work and support their family and have a home.

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