The Road Home Dane County, Wisconsin’s volunteers are making a difference in the lives of homeless families with children every single day. Over 1,900 volunteers participate each year and donate over 15,000 hours of their time.

volunteer food

We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that will match different interests and schedules, including a number of opportunities for family volunteering. You can :

  • Work directly with homeless families by helping with evening meals or activities for families within shelter
  • Sort donated items at the day center
  • Help around the office with clerical tasks
  • Join the events committee and plan special events
  • Become an Ambassador by spreading the word about The Road Home
  • Serve on the Board of Directors

Volunteer Application
Training Packet Reading (shelter volunteers)
Training Packet Review Sheet (shelter volunteers)

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, the first step is to attend a Homes for Families Tour. You are welcome to contact our office at 608-294-7998 for additional information


Involving Children in our Community

Probably the most important element of trying to instill philanthropic values in your children is by example. Seeing your commitment, your involvement, and the value that you place on being involved in our community is the best place to start. You could take them on-site to a charitable organization or have them participate in an outreach, such as a meal a soup kitchen is hosting. Make the most of your child/children's areas of interest and find ways for them to take the lead in some activities.

From the Young Philanthropists Foundation,  here is some advice for introducing philanthropy to children.

  1. Find their interest. Help your child(ren)  find the cause that interests them by going through discussions, articles, books, music, documentaries, looking through volunteer opportunities such as United Way.
  2. Research before you give. Once your child has chosen a cause, help them research different organizations that address the related issue. In researching you are both looking for ways to help and also checking out the viability of the organization(s) they are interested in supporting.
  3. The 3 Ss: spend, save, share. Discuss with your child how they'll divide up their monthly allowance, birthday, or holiday money into spending, savings, and sharing jars.
  4. Visit the organization. Contact an organization you're interested in for a tour. (The Road Home has tours scheduled twice a month).
  5. Do your research. What are the causes of the problem – what are the possible solutions?
  6. Where will your money make the most impact. Where will your time or money make the biggest impact?
  7. Set the example. Share your reasons about why you support , why you volunteer/donate. 
  8. The 3 Ts: time, talent, treasure. Talk about the ways kids can give their time, (helping a neighbor, volunteering, organizing a donation drive), their talent (a student skilled with computers helping his teachers), or their treasure, (money, toys, clothing, etc.).
  9. Engage your friends. Get others involved – your family, neighborhood, business, school, congregation or others may want to join you!
  10. Have fun! Make it a positive experience. Support your child’s interest and commitment to their cause(s).  A young philanthropist having fun while giving back will keep on giving for years to come.