The Road Home

Community Members Share the Holidays with Our Families

Over 300 children in 112 families received special gifts this holiday season thanks to the generosity of individuals, businesses and congregations in our community.

This holiday season , many families in our programs received some special gifts due to the generosity of individuals and groups in our community. These groups became “sponsors” of our families. Each sponsor received a wish list with information about that family’s basic identifying information along with a list of items they needed or wanted. The sponsors then went shopping (with a limit of $50 per person they were sponsoring), wrapped the items and brought them to The Road Home where case managers delivered the gifts to families. In all, 112 families including 308 children were sponsored for the holiday season.

“This opportunity to partner with The Road Home really helped bring our congregation together in the Christmas season of giving and service. We were able to provide gifts for 32 individuals in The Road Home’s programs. We had an entire room in our home dedicated to storing the gifts we accumulated. I could barely fit them all into my SUV to deliver to The Road Home!” Teresa Rankin, who serves as the coordinator for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said. “Our congregation had a wonderful experience and we look forward to this and other ways to work with The Road Home in the years to come.”

Wondering about new ways your business, congregation or group might work with us? Get some ideas by downloading our 10 Ways Your Congregation Can Make a Difference. Then contact Alane Conn, our volunteer coordinator at  or 608-294-7998 ext 306 to make your plans. We’re excited to continue to make a difference for those who most need our help in our community.