The Road Home

Empower Your Community: The Impact of Being a Table Host

an older man standing at table talking to table guests

“I hosted my Rotarian friends to help them understand the community’s need to support agencies like The Road Home.” – Jeannine D. 

Volunteering as a table host for The Road Home’s Annual Homes for Families Fundraising Breakfast is a unique opportunity to make an impact and be a part of a larger ecosystem of support, working together to empower and uplift families in our community facing challenging times. 

Connecting with the Community 

As a table host, you become an ambassador for The Road Home, helping to spread awareness about the crucial work this organization does. Before the event, you’ll develop a list of potential guests: family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and other community members who might support the cause. This outreach expands the network of people informed about and invested in solving homelessness in our community. 

Fostering Engagement 

At the event, your role is pivotal. Arriving early allows you to greet guests warmly, ensuring they feel welcomed and engaged. You can share pledge or donation information, and your contribution might inspire others to give, amplifying the event’s impact.

Continuing the Conversation 

Your role extends beyond the event. Thanking guests afterward and keeping them connected to The Road Home ensures ongoing support. This follow-up can transform attendees into long-term advocates for The Road Home’s mission. 

Join Us in Making a Difference 

Becoming a table host is manageable yet incredibly impactful. With approximately 3-5 hours of volunteer time, you can deepen our community’s understanding of homelessness and encourage meaningful support. 

Interested in becoming a Table Host? For questions or more information, contact Meghan Salzwedel, Development Director, at