The Road Home

American Family Insurance: A Long-Time Partner

American Family Insurance and The American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation have supported The Road Home in many ways.

by Maggie Molter Pascaly, American Family Insurance Community Investment Manager

For over 20 years, The Road Home Dane County has answered the call of providing opportunities for homeless children and their families to achieve self-determined goals and affordable, stable housing.  American Family Insurance and The American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation are honored to support The Road Home as they champion the causes of children and families in Dane County.

American Family Insurance seeks to inspire, protect, and restore dreams by helping individuals find a path to self-sufficiency through supporting organizations and programs that offer opportunities in lifelong learning and increasing access to basic needs.  This creates a natural partnership with The Road Home and their holistic support of families.  The physical housing itself is only one of the elements that contributes to healthy families and communities.  By ensuring that on-site case managers can respond to the needs of families, plans are in place that sustain housing through employment, financial stability, education, and children’s activities.

Even more so, The Road Home recognizes that the systemic causes of homelessness are rooted in policies and social constructs of racism and discrimination.  We stand together, with many other organizations and partners, who are committed to supporting communities of color across the country through not only our words, but our actions. 

Most recently, American Family Insurance has supported The Road Home through financial and in-kind support, volunteerism, as well as the service of sales vice president Jeff Swalve on the Board of Directors.  Our relationship with The Road Home will continue to evolve as we seek out a path, together, to address and solve homelessness in Dane County and beyond.