The Road Home

Finding Something Better: Stormie’s Story

After living in an apartment with rats and frequent police visits, Stormie knew her four kids needed a change. The Breese Apartments gave them a new start.

My name is Stormie and I am a single mother of four beautiful children. We moved to Madison in September of 2017 because I wanted something better for my kids. We were living in Chicago and it was not working for us. We had our door kicked in just about every day by the police for no fault of ours. We didn’t have screens and our landlord wouldn’t fix things; we would often have alley cats, mice and rats in our apartment. Rent was extremely high. I could not afford clothes for the kids after paying rent and other bills.

My kids had seen so much, so I decided we needed a change. We stayed in a shelter in Madison for several months before my case manager called to tell me about Stone House Development’s apartment at The Breese that we got approved for and we moved in. The Road Home helped us begin our new start by helping us get furniture and household supplies. My case manager is helping me with working towards becoming a home-owner. My son is excelling in school and his artwork has been published online. My kids volunteer at our home as well as at their school. Everybody is making strides academically and personally.

The Road Home helped change our life and we are grateful for you and everybody’s support. We love where we live and never want to move!