The Road Home

Taking Steps Toward Success: Nikki’s Story

Nikki and her son were facing eviction and homelessness when she enrolled in the Rapid Rehousing Program. It was their first step toward success.

Before the Rapid Rehousing Program, Nikki and her 7-year-old son, Riley, were living in an apartment that they could no longer afford. Nikki had a fixed income through the W-2 Program, and could not afford rent and utilities. Her landlord had given her notices for nonpayment of rent. She now faced eviction and becoming homeless with Riley. Her Joining Forces for Families worker referred her to the Rapid Rehousing Program. This program provides a small rent subsidy and case management services for one year. Because of this, Nikki could afford her rent for the remainder of her lease.

Nikki reports that the program helped her obtain stable housing, allowing her to focus on other personal goals. One of Nikki’s main goals was to get help for her son’s behavioral issues. With her case manager’s help, Nikki was able to access community resources that helped her parent a child with special needs. This allowed Riley to thrive in school and at home. Nikki plans on getting her GED this year. She is working with a tutor through The Road Home to help with test preparation. She reports that the best part of the program is “having someone that knows the available resources and helps me access them.”

During the program, Nikki applied for subsidized housing. Soon she was approved for an apartment. This was a great achievement for the family as they will be able to afford housing for the long term and will no longer need a rent subsidy through the Rapid Rehousing Program.

When Nikki found out she was accepted into subsidized housing she said she felt “excited and relieved.” For the first time, Riley has his very own bedroom, is doing well and making new friends. Nikki said that this apartment feels like home. For the first time in years, she has unpacked their belongings and settled into their apartment.