The Road Home

Why We Give: Kathy and Tim Mazur

Kathy and Tim Mazur have learned that to expect justice for themselves, they must work towards fairness in society. They do this by supporting The Road Home.

by Kathy Mazur

Have you ever had a Mary Poppins in your life? I did!

I remember it was summertime and the days were long and warm. There was a knock on our door. Fearing it was another bill collector, my mother ordered me to open it. There stood the kindest face I have ever seen. It was Mary, our neighbor. My mother smiled and said, “Oh Mary, come in!” Her stress momentarily melted off her face. With hugs and kisses, Mary sat down and talked with my mother. It was a difficult time for our family. With the divorce and a different home, we were drowning in pain and sorrow. Especially my mother. With unconditional love and kindness, Mary listened as my mother poured her heart out. Her family had recently bought a farm and she offered to take my younger brother and me to spend two weeks with her family while my mother recuperated. I was about nine years old and my brother was four. We grabbed a few clothes and off we went! Even the drive to the farm was exciting. Mary and her husband had five children, a huge farm with cows, chickens, cats and dogs- it was heaven! I shared a room with her daughter, as we were close in age. My younger brother bunked with the boys in the family. Everyone had a job on the farm. Mine was feeding the chickens. I remember their farmhouse was large with big opened windows, beautiful hardwood floors, wonderful family trinkets, colorful, warm, clean and safe. We began each day early in the morning, ate three meals together, and lived this life. I learned how to milk a cow and tastes its
warm milk. It was two glorious weeks without pain, without suffering.

I wish I could tell you that when we returned all our family problems were fixed. They were not. But what I will share with you is that this moment in my life permanently changed me. From this experience, I realized that I had choices, I was an equal member of my community and I had responsibilities.

To expect justice for myself, I must work towards fairness, and thus I must engage with society. The Road Home is one vehicle by which I can carry out these obligations.

My husband and I have long been supporters of this wonderful organization. And now, through our contribution to the Capital Campaign, we hope to inspire others to fulfill their obligations toward strengthening our community.