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Partnering with Recycled Rides

Did you know that car ownership makes a significant difference for families in poverty? That’s why we’re partnering with local businesses to help families get cars.

Did you know that car ownership can make a significant difference for families in poverty? Cars make it easier for families to find and keep jobs, a recent study by the Urban Institute confirmed. It also has a considerable positive impact on earnings. In addition, low-income families with cars are more likely to live in housing with mixed-income residents. Here, they are more satisfied with their neighborhood and enjoy other positive life outcomes.

That’s why we are excited to continue our partnership with Recycled Rides, a program which brings local businesses together to help families obtain a car. Just this past week, another family received a car, thanks to Wisconsin Mutual Insurance and Gates Collision Repair Centers.

Danielle, this year’s recipient, moved from Chicago with her four children in 2010 to get better medical care for one of her children who suffers from kidney problems. The family experienced a period of housing instability due to the lack of affordable housing they encountered here. With help from The Road Home, they eventually found housing and have continued to maintain it. The family is thriving. Danielle is employed and her children are excelling in school and in sports.

Yet, the lack of transportation has continued to be a challenge. Danielle described, “It has been extremely difficult for me as a single, working, parent with access only to public transportation. I have been struggling to get my children to school, as well as their various medical appointments, and finally my own employment. My need for a car and access to my own transportation has only become direr. I do not want to lose my employment or have my children’s appointments or academics slip due to my lack of access to transportation.”

Danielle was thrilled to be selected to receive a car this November. “A reliable car means the world for my family and me. I am so grateful,” she said.

Here at The Road Home, we continue to look for creative ways to partner with community members, businesses and congregations to help families be successful. Thank you for your ongoing support that makes our work possible.