The Road Home

Help Families Transition into Housing by Donating Wish List Items

boy with wish list supplies

Donations always go down in the summer, but the need doesn’t. You donation of our most needed items helps families in our community transition into housing.

On March 31, The Road Home completed the phase-out of our shelter program to focus more fully on helping families find and maintain housing. (Read more about that here.) We appreciate the many hours of heartfelt service our volunteers have devoted to helping families with children experiencing homelessness in our community. We look forward to continuing to partner with our amazing volunteers to help more families find and maintain stable housing.

There are still many ways volunteers can work with us to make a difference. In the past, many individuals, families, businesses and congregations organized wish list drives or donated items from our wish list. Often when a family has experienced homelessness, they are left with almost nothing. These wish list items are basic necessities that help families transition more smoothly into housing. Although we are not running a shelter anymore, we are still working with the same population—families transitioning from homelessness to housing. Your donations of wish list items are just as needed and important now as ever before. Please see our current list of most needed items here. For questions on volunteering with us, visit our website or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Alane Conn, at or by phone at 608-294-7998 ext 306.